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February 21st, 2024

2016 Dove Awards Winners & Recap


Since 1970 the GMA Dove Awards has honored outstanding achievements and excellence in Christian Music. The show celebrates our rich musical diversity. Awards are presented to individuals representing modern Rock, Rap/Hip Hop, Pop/Contemporary, Inspirational, Southern Gospel, Urban, Bluegrass, Country, Worship and more.

This year, Team Jesus Magazine had the awesome privilege of covering the Dove Awards to bring our readers the best that Christian and Gospel music has to offer! It was a dynamic “Team Huddle day” and family time for artists, a great opportunity for media outlets to learn what’s new or coming soon from your favorite artists, and the producers offered noticeable diversity and inclusion for all who lift up the name of Jesus in song, in their own style.

Check out the winners and a few moments from our Dove Awards photo gallery below!

And the Winners Are

Song of the Year (Category 1) “Good, Good Father” (writers) Pat Barrett, Tony Brown; (publishers) Vamos Publishing, Capitol CMG Parago, Common Hymnal Publishing, Housefires Sounds, Tony Brown Publishing Designee, songs, sixsteps Music
Songwriter of the Year – Artist (Category 2) Lauren Daigle
Songwriter of the Year – Non-Artist (Category 3) Jason Ingram
Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year (Category 4) for KING & COUNTRY, Word Entertainment
Southern Gospel Artist of the Year (Category 5) Karen Peck & New River, Daywind Record
Gospel Artist of the Year (Category 6) Kirk Franklin, Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA Records
Artist of the Year (Category 7) Lauren Daigle, Centricity Music
New Artist of the Year (Category 8) Jordan Feliz, Centricity Music
Producer of the Year (Category 9) Bernie Herms
Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year (Category 10) “Uncomfortable” Andy Mineo; (writers) Gabriel Azucena, Ramon Ibanga Jr., Gabriel Lambirth, Andy Mineo, Kortney Pollard, Joseph Prielozny
Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (Category 12) “Happiness” NEEDTOBREATHE; (writers) Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt, Josh Lovelace
Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year (Category 13) “Trust In You” Lauren Daigle; (writers) Paul Mabury, Michael Farren, Lauren Daigle
Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year (Category 14) “Till I Met You” Laura Story; (writers) Laura Story, Christopher Stevens, Bryan Fowler
Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year (Category 15) “I Am Blessed” Karen Peck & New River; (writers) Karen Peck Gooch, Kenna West, Michael Farren
Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year (Category 16) “Life’s Railway to Heaven (with the Oak Ridge Boys)” Jimmy Fortune; (writers) Eliza R. Snow, M.E. Abbey
Country Recorded Song of the Year (Category 17) “Small Town Someone (Lunch)” Jeff & Sheri Easter; (writers) Sheri Easter, Kenna Turner West, Jason Cox
Contemporary Gospel/Urban Recorded Song of the Year (Category 18) “The Way That You Love Me” Jonathan McReynolds; (writers) Chuck Harmony, Claude Kelly
Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year (Category 19) “Better” Hezekiah Walker; (writers) Jason Clayborn, Hezekiah Walker, Gabriel Hatcher
Urban Worship Recorded Song of the Year (Category 20) “Worth” Anthony Brown & group therAPy; (writers) Anthony Brown
Worship Song of the Year (Category 21) “No Longer Slaves” (writers) Jonathan David Hesler, Brian Johnson, Joel Case; (publisher) Bethel Music Publishing
Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year (Category 22) Therapy Session NF (producers) Tommee Profitt, David Garcia, The720
Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year (Category 24) The Wonderlands: Sunlight & Shadows Jon Foreman (producers) Jon Foreman, Tyler Strickland, Neal Avron, Keith Tutt II, Joe Gill, Aaron Roche, Daniel James, Jeremy Lutito, Jason Morant, Jeremy Edwardson, Ryan O’Neil, Darren King, Andrew Wesson, Charlie Peacock, Seth Mosley, Eric Owyoung
Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year (Category 25) This Is Not A Test TobyMac; (producers) Christopher Stevens, Toby McKeehan, David Garcia
Inspirational Album of the Year (Category 26) Brave New World Amanda Cook (producers) Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury, Amanda Cook
Southern Gospel Album of the Year (Category 27) Still Booth Brothers (producers) Jason Webb, Lari Goss, Ronnie Booth, Michael Booth, Jim Brady
Bluegrass/Country Album of the Year (Category 28) Small Town, Celebrating 30 Years of Music & Marriage Jeff & Sheri Easter (producers) Madison Easter, Greg Cole, Jeff & Sheri Easter
Contemporary Gospel/Urban Album of the Year (Category 29) Losing My Religion Kirk Franklin (producer) Kirk Franklin
Traditional Gospel Album of the Year (Category 30) Everyday Jesus Anthony Brown & group therAPy (producers) Anthony Brown, Justin Savage
Urban Worship Album of the Year (Category 31) Sounds of Revival William McDowell (producers) Clay Bogan III, William McDowell
Instrumental Album of the Year (Category 32) Without Words: Synesthesia Bethel Music (producers) Bobby Strand, Chris Greely
Children’s Music Album of the Year (Category 33) Come Alive Bethel Music Kids (producers) Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury
Spanish Language Album of the Year (Category 34) Eterno Live Christine D’Clario (producers) Michael Farren, Christine D’Clario
Special Event Album of the Year (Category 35) We Will Stand Live (CCM UNITED) Various; (producers) Michael Omartian, Dan Posthuma
Christmas Album of the Year (Category 36) Christmas Is Here Danny Gokey; (producer) Keith Thomas
Worship Album of the Year (Category 37) EMPIRES Hillsong UNITED; (producers) Michael Guy Chislett, Joel Houston
Musical of the Year (Category 38) That’s Where The Story Begins (creators) Dave Clark, Gerald Crabb, Mike Harland
Youth/Children’s Musical of the Year (Category 39) The Kingdom Connection (creators) Christy Semsen, Daniel Semsen
Choral Collection of the Year (Category 40) Southern Gospel Songs (10 New, Emerging and Classic Hits for Southern Gospel Choir) (arranger & orchestrator) Marty Hamby
Recorded Music Packaging of the Year (Category 41) EMPIRES Hillsong UNITED, (art directors) Joel Houston, Jay Argaet (graphic artist) Nathan Cahyadi
Short Form Video of the Year (Category 42) Live On Forever The Afters, (director & producer) Nathan William
Long Form Video of the Year (Category 43) Hymns That Are Important To Us Joey + Rory, (director) Daniel Grace (producers) Aaron Carnahan, Joel McAfee, Bill Gaither
Inspirational Film of the Year (Category 44) War Room (director) Alex Kendrick (producers) Kendrick Brothers Pictures, AFFIRM Films, Provident Films


Team Jesus Mag Moments at the 47th Annual Dove Awards



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