About Us

team jesus magazine tagTeam Jesus Magazine is a digital Christian playbook created to honor God, and uplift and inform the body of Christ.  As a playbook, our content instructs, exhorts, and encourages Christian living through practical, actionable, biblically-based articles, news, events, and information affecting the Christian community.

We are not a “faith-based” magazine. In order to avoid any ambiguity on where we stand and what we believe, look to our name – Team Jesus! We stand and march solely and unequivocally under the blood-stained banner of Jesus Christ.

You will not find the latest church gossip or drama here. Neither will we promote the fall or faults of teammates. What you will find in Team Jesus Magazine is:

  • Love, respect, and compassion for all
  • Opportunities to support and cover teammates in prayer
  • Articles of inspiration, how-to’s, encouragement, and correction in various areas
  • Reviews of the latest Christian and Gospel artists in music and entertainment
  • Our stand on news, politics, and current events as it relates to the body of Christ
  • On-location coverage and reviews of Christian events

We encourage ALL teammates to work hard, train hard, and practice running the plays Jesus has taught us – each in our own purposed and assigned positions.

Our Mission

To promote Christian living excellence that edifies the body of Christ (Team Jesus).

Our Vision

One Team united under God – the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

We count it an honor to be teammates, co-laborers with you (1 Corinthians 3:9) to work not only for God, but with God. So, whether your position falls under the category of planting or watering, remember that we all model the love of Jesus, in service to God – who makes it all grow (1 Corinthians 3:6-7).

God is Team Owner. Jesus is our Coach. Holy Spirit helps us run our plays. The Bible is our official playbook. Let’s go, Team Jesus!

In His Service,

Kim J. Bright