April 22nd, 2024

Finding Freedom Through a Disciplined Life


Do you live an “If only, then…” life?

If only I had a career I loved, then I would give 1000% at work.
If only I wasn’t so stressed, then I would be more kind.
If only I had more money, then I could afford to tithe.

I’ve been there, so no condemnation, girlfriend. But, I think I’ve stumbled upon a better way. Check out what happened to me this past week.

Every year around this time, a video surfaces where this mom is celebrating the end of summer break. She runs around the house like a maniac trying to get the kids out the door. She even does the running man as she puts them on the school bus. It’s hilarious!

What makes it even funnier is that I can relate! I always hear my alarm on the first day of school – Bye, kids!

But this year, I could’ve extended summer by a week or two.


I know!

And, get this…it’s not because we had an epic summer filled with thrills. We didn’t even take a vacation this year. And, it’s not because my kids were such angels, either. They try my patience on a daily basis.

I attribute my take it or leave it attitude to the fact that I am no longer a distracted scatterbrain (James 1:25 MSG).

I’ve realized that I’ve read and listened to enough hacks and motivational speeches to last two lifetimes. And, though they were great catalysts 5 years ago, today they do very little because what got me here can’t take me any further.

Come to Your Senses

I caught a glimpse of the revealed counsel of God and realized that most of my shackles were self-imposed.

Life is simple. We make it complicated by overflowing it with activities, refusing to obey the commands of God, and preferring whatever’s easiest now, even if that means we suffer later.

How many times have you skipped packing your lunch and ironing your clothes the night before only to wake up with regret?  

I was constantly trading the pain of get it done now with the pain of being a hot mess later.

This summer, I began creating systems in my home, family and business. So, now when I spend time with my daughter, I don’t do it with a computer in my lap. I actually cuddle with her on the couch, without the frustration of what I could or should be doing.

On Sundays, we eat soul-food, nap, and hang out with family, guilt-free.

And, when I need to work on my business, I can freely walk away knowing everything and everyone has been (or will be) taken care of at the designated time.

Some apps that help me juggle it all include Wunderlist, Trello, Google calendars and thinking about every aspect of my day the night before.

God’s Vision Speaks

But mostly, God’s vision for my life asked, “Do you want me or not?”

So, now I’m asking you:

 “Do you want the life God
has planned for you or not?”

If your answer is yes, you must resign from CEO of Distracted Scatterbrain, Inc. Have you realized that doing what you want, when you want doesn’t always resemble freedom at all? It may feel good at the moment, but it paves the way for failure when not properly managed and executed.

When we do the work on the front-end, it yields freedom on the back-end. Think of it as a sowing and reaping.

So, what’s the play call?  

Resign to the way things used to be. I enjoyed three consecutive days with my 7-year-old because I simplified and organized my life. I put what I knew into action.

If you intend to live out the life God created for you, put yourself on the Potter’s wheel and allow Him to shape you. Don’t run from something new that catapults you forward to something familiar that holds you back. It’s better to be pruned now rather than burned later.


Yes! I would like prayer. Please pray for me.

Brandi Hawthorne
Brandi Hawthorne is a women's Christian Development & Lifestyle Coach. She blogs at Woman, Live! When she's not teaching women to love God & live their dreams, she's somewhere laughing loudly with friends & family.
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