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Kim Burrell, Homosexuality, and the Fallacy of Phobia and Hate

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Kim Brightness
Kim Brightness
As Publisher/CEO of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content to readers of this digital Christian playbook. With over 20 years in digital marketing and a social media maven, you'll find Kim posting, writing/editing, consulting, or covering Christian events near you with her trusty Team Jesus mic.

If you’d planned to watch Pharrell Williams and Kim Burrell perform the song “I See a Victory” today on the Ellen Degeneres Show, you may want to consult the Guide channel for a plan B.

After a video of gospel singer and Pastor, Kim Burrell, went viral where she preaches against the sin of homosexuality and gives warnings to those who practice it in the body of Christ, the gay community lashed back with posts, comments, and videos accusing Burrell of “homophobic statements” and “hate speech”.

Let all pastors, prophets, and any follower of Christ and the Word of God be warned – if you speak on the sin of homosexuality, be prepared to expect two (2) likely consequences or reactions:

  1. You will receive angry push back or retaliation from the LGBTQ community, and be accused of being homophobic, hateful, or a bigot.
  2. God will be pleased that you stood firm on His Word as truth, and honored His divine character as author and creator of humanity.

Self-Victimization and the Fallacy of Phobia and Hate

A very strategic tactic of the enemy plays out before our eyes, not only when someone speaks on sin, but especially when someone speaks on the sin of homosexuality.

Self-victimization: the fabrication of victimhood or injury to gain pity, sympathy, or to evoke compassion.

I can understand it. Sometimes the truth hurts, it stings, or it angers. And, instead of looking inwardly and dealing with the conviction we feel, it’s easier to look externally and passively attack the messenger.

You’re hurting me” vs. “The truth hurts.”  It would even be more honest to say, “I’m mad that the Bible says what it says.”

Nonetheless, the gay community has successfully united (take note of the unity, Team) on the common response of “you’re a homophobe” or “you’re hating me” when you share your belief according to the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. Or worse, note the gay community’s hypocritical response of hate, cursing out, insults, death wishes, and more.

Private individuals, groups, and media outlets like BBC News have bought into the fallacy of phobia. It begs the questions:

When did differing beliefs
become synonymous with
“I’m afraid of you” or “I hate you”?
When did “I don’t agree or approve” become code words for hate and bigotry?

Stop it. Everyone who disagrees with you doesn’t hate you, wish you harm, or fear you.

No Fear in Love

LGBTQ community, the body of Christ is neither afraid of you, nor do we hate you. We are commanded to love you – and we do! The Word of God tells us that if we see a brother wandering from the truth in sin, and we bring them back on the right path, we have saved them from death and their sins will be forgiven (James 5:19-20).

So, when someone says “repent”, “beg God to free you”, when they say that homosexuality perverts (alters something from its original course) God’s creation and His creative authority, the only thing you’re a victim of is God’s love and someone caring enough to try to save you from death. You are free to reject it, disagree with it, but please stop telling yourselves the narrative that Christians who share what the Word of God says hate you or fear you. That’s the father of lies speaking.

Team, we must not only honor God’s order for humanity, we must and will boldly speak the Word of God – just as the LGBTQ community boldly speaks, marches, and lobbies unapologetically for what they believe.  Our rights as believers are just as important and valid as the LGBTQ community’s rights.

See also: Gender Identity & LGBT Agendas: The Covert Attack on God’s Creative Authority 

Kim Burrell is a Much Easier Target Than God

And so are you, Team.

When you speak the truth according to the Word of God, and it brings conviction, you will be attacked for believing and repeating what God has said. The enemy will throw everything at you to stir fear in your hearts so that you shy away from or water down the truth.

Don’t shoot the messenger! As the body of Christ, we do what we’re taught. We speak what God has said. We submit in agreement to God’s order, ways, and instruction.

And here’s the beauty: God is watching over His Word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). It is God’s responsibility to see to it that His words accomplish what they’re set out to do, not ours! Our job is to say what He tells us to say. The full ownership and authorship belong to God.

Always be a steadfast, willing witness of God’s Word.  Why?

Judgment Begins with Us

If you haven’t noticed, Team, here’s how the last days will play out. People will become “lovers” of themselves more than lovers of God…boastful, arrogant, proud, and blatantly disobedient (2 Timothy 3:2) – and many of these people are “Team Jesus” t-shirt-wearing church folks!

Lord, help us.

The Bible tells us that the time is coming where judgment will begin with us – inside the household of faith, the Church (1 Peter 4:17-18).

Listen, we cannot afford to be so caught up in the delivery that we miss the warnings. There will be times when “love” is spoken softly, and times when it’ll be loud and urgent!

Can you imagine the children of Israel telling Jeremiah, “Man, you talkin’ too loud…you sound like a busted trumpet!”

Umm, yeah. That’s exactly how the Lord told Jeremiah to deliver the message to His people about their sins.

Don’t adopt the pattern of the world to claim “false injury” or “victimhood” when the truth of God’s correction is spoken to you.

We are children of God. If God didn’t love us, He wouldn’t correct us (Proverbs 3:12).

Our job is to respond to God’s correction as a blessing. Don’t resent or despise the Lord’s discipline. He’s not trying to destroy you, God wants to save you!

Team! Don’t lose it when #God corrects you. Accept the #love, and come through better!

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God our Father loves us far too much to let us continue down a path that will eventually separate us from Him forever. As painful as discipline may be, that’s something we can all be thankful and appreciate God for in the long run.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Don’t shrink, don’t flinch from speaking the truth in love.

Don’t get caught up in the emotion of either telling the truth or receiving the truth. Remember, there’s a reason why God told Jeremiah “don’t be afraid of their faces…I am with you.”

Ask God to “Show me Your way.” Lord, what is the wisest way to share Your truth?

There will be times when God shows you how to be meek and gentle in your delivery to the lost, and there will be times when God instructs you to “cry loud and spare not” to His people. Follow God.

Finally, get your own house in order, Team! Judgment is coming. Yield yourself to God, no longer servants of sin, and become tools of righteousness (Romans 6:13).

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Dr. Arleezah Marrah
Dr. Arleezah Marrah

Excellent article Kim. Will be sharing.


Kim Burrell stand for what is a Holy. God is Holy. Holiness without no man shall see the Lord.


Thanks for the the truth.

Cal DeMercurio
Cal DeMercurio

Nicely said Sis. Blessings to you and yours. Love in Christ?


Excellent! Thank you!



Ericka Reed

I read this article and also viewed her sermon and I have to say I hope leaders take heed to understanding their power of influence to lead people to God. God never intended for us to pick up our sis/bro from sin by hurting them running them away. Scripture points out: Matthew 23:13 “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” In other words stop scaring people to follow, because if you do this… Read more »


Excellent article!

Peggy Wallace
Peggy Wallace

God delivered me from homosexuality. This lie is so real. I am a child of God. I can understand why the gays and lesbians would get mad! They feel like they are Christians. That God don’t make mistakes. And God made me! So God gets the blame for them being Homosexual. So sure they gonna be mad! You know people hated Jesus for speaking the truth. So they will hate us . Continue to speaking the truth in love.

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