Sunday, Mar 7, 2021


How Christian Nationalism Differs from Christianity and Patriotism

Christian nationalism takes the name of Christ for a worldly political agenda, proclaiming that its program is the politics of every believer.

The Balancing Act: American vs. Kingdom Citizen

When our American citizenship gets too burdensome to bear, it’s our privilege to remember the family of God we were born-again into.

Prayer Still Works: One People Humbled Before God

If My People, Called by My Name... I was driving north on the freeway. It was one of those hour-long drives - not long enough to be considered a road trip, but certainly long enough for some time to think. I...
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Happy or Exhausted Helper: Are You Supposed to Carry That Load?

There's a time and place to be a helper, and a time and place to stay in your lane. Here's how to position yourself as a happy helper.
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