Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020


Gifts and Callings Don’t Need Important Titles to Be Important to God

Do you think gifts and callings aren't important or relevant because they don't have a big 'title' attached? Think again and keep reading.

Chosen: How to Carry the Mantle or Assignment You’re Not Ready For

The Passing of the Torch There’s a hole in my coat. There’s a hole in the bottom left side of the lining of my coat, to be exact. And, I’m devasted. I understand that this means absolutely nothing to you, and you...
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Little Things Can Lead to Big Success or Big Headaches

Don't let the little things slip. Small choices can be our success or our downfall. Here's why we must watch everything that influences us.
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Church IS Essential: SCOTUS Gets It Right on Religious Liberty

SCOTUS' injunctive relief nods toward religious liberty by challenging New York City’s COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings.

Thanksgiving: A Powerful Weapon of Spiritual Warfare

Thanksgiving is one of our most powerful weapons in spiritual warfare. Give thanks and praise to God and watch Him work.

5 Tips to Overcome Holiday Blues and Walk in Peace & Joy

When the holiday blues try to knock on your door this holiday season, use these 5 tips to keep blues at bay.

Delays on the Road to Destiny and How to Stay Encouraged

Are you facing a roadblock between you and your destiny? Don't let the delay discourage you. God always has a plan to get you where you need to be.