Sunday, Oct 17, 2021


Are the ’81 Percent’ Evangelicals? Is 81 Percent Accurate?

Has evangelicals’ support of Trump given way to a reputation among the broader public as perhaps the Trumpiest demographic in America.

Unpacking Paula White’s & Evangelicals’ Perspective on Trump and America

On a recent appearance this week on the Jim Bakker Show, Pastor Paula White, a member of President Trump's evangelical advisory board, spoke of Trump's appeal, how America is in a season of transition, and repeatedly shared that Trump...

Separation of Faith & Race In Elections: If I Were a White Evangelical

Time to Get Out And Vote! Even the most faith-filled follower of Christ in America has felt it. This presidential election season has been exhausting, has pulled on every emotion, has required deep, prayerful thought and consideration. I concur. One of the...
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How to Move When Others Don’t Understand God’s Call on Your Life

The call on your life requires you to go when and where God's will wants to take you. Here's how to move when others don't understand.
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