November 28th, 2022

What the M87 Black Hole Reveals About The Creator of the Universe


A Black Hole 50 Million Light-Years Away

m87 black holeOur teachers said that we “believe” black holes are real; however, no one has actually seen one – until now.

I believe the discovery of Messier 87 (M87) should rocket our faith into another dimension. Think about the facts for a minute.

Don Lincoln, a senior scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, said, “Seeing the closest known black hole is as difficult as a telescope in New York City seeing a single molecule in Los Angeles.”

Another important point Don makes is, “Luckily, the center of nearly all galaxies contain an enormous black hole. For example, the one in the center of our Milky Way galaxy has the mass of about 4 million times that of our sun, with a radius about 30 times that of the sun.”

Okay, picture our Sun and the enormous mass of it. Now multiply that mass x 4,000,000!

In the CNN Opinion piece, Don explains that in order to capture this very large black hole, they had to position radio telescopes all over the world.

This allowed us to capture the black hole in a single image. If we would try to do this with one telescope, we would come up short because of the sheer size of this particular black hole.”

I AM, Creator of All

There are 4 major reasons that the discovery of M87 is of absolute importance to us here on earth:

1. God is who He says He is.

Think about it, friend. We are talking about the God of ALL creation. Imagine the delicate workings of our genetics compared to the wide expanse of His power in the universe.

M87 was designed by God for a specific purpose in His wonderful and sovereign plan just like you and me.

2. God knew about M87 before we did.

It took us hundreds of years developing algorithms and technology to discover M87. God knew it was there before Genesis 1:1.

God knows about our circumstances and He is in complete control. Just like God is in control of this super big black hole that sucks light and time in space!

3. God is the most talented artist.

M87 is massive and beautiful. God took some time designing this majestic and mysterious black hole. However, God didn’t send His Son to die for it.

God sent Jesus to die for you and me. This shows His great love, care, and concern for us. Wow, what love and grace our Father has shown us.

4. Use this discovery to start a Gospel conversation.

Do you have a friend that doesn’t believe in Jesus? Use this discovery as an opportunity to show God’s great love for human creation and His authority over all things.

Are you on the fence of surrendering to God’s will through Jesus? Seeing God as Creator and the power He has, do you think it’s worth taking a chance on not following Jesus?


  1. Submit to God’s authority over your life. The freedom that comes along with that is black hole type of cool.
  2. Trust in God’s authority over ALL His creation and follow Him.
  3. Jesus didn’t say repeat a prayer or go to church every day. He said to count the cost of losing your life and follow Him (Matthew 16:24).

Thank you, God, that you know what is best for us. I trust you. I believe in you. I submit to you. Jesus, I will follow you through this season even if I don’t see the fruit.

I am rooting for you, Teammates!

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Chet Bergeron
My name is Chet Bergeron. I am married to an amazing woman, Nichole, and we have three boys: Kadin, Grant, and Wesley. I am a pastor, writer, and teacher. I love to encourage others with God’s Word and stir them up to share their faith in a fallen world. My passion is to make known the great hope and peace that can be found in Jesus Christ!
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