December 7th, 2022

10 Ideas for Quiet Time With God To Inspire Your Daily Walk


Quiet Time With God Alone is Necessary

quiet time with godTime with God is an essential part of any Christian’s life. Whether you’ve recently discovered the unconditional love of God for yourself, or you’ve been in relationship with Him for decades, there is simply no substitute for spending one-on-one time with Jesus. This is often a time of refreshing as we speak and hear from the Father. In these moments, we read the Word, pray, and discover the heart of God.

The Bible says that God longs to draw close to us, His children. Like a good Father, He waits for us to call out to Him and share our hearts. Jeremiah 29:12-13: “Then you will call upon me and go and pray to me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart.”

Quiet time with God does not always have to be a lengthy or traditional time of prayer and supplication. The truth is that any time spent with God is always a good idea – no matter the length, place, or time of day. During your busy day, there may be many hidden opportunities that you may take for granted where you could be engaging with God. Let’s take a look.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Make the most of every situation and allow God to be a part of your entire day. Here we share ten easy quiet time ideas with God to inspire your own personal devotion.

  1. Give God the first 5-minutes of your day.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, spend time talking to God and commit your day to Him.

  1. Spend time with Him in the shower.

I love to listen to worship music in the shower. This is a great time to connect with God, pour out your heart, and hear from Him.

  1. Spend time with God in traffic.

I recall many intimate moments during my commute to work, praying and wrestling with God about my life decisions – all from the driver’s seat of my car. Whether you are driving to work, the shops, or running errands, if you’re alone in the car, there is always an opportunity to talk to God.

  1. Find a quiet spot during your lunch break.

Set aside a few minutes each day to read the Word of God and pray during your lunch break. This could be a quick two-minute session to refresh your soul or a full hour-long time of studying the Word. Every moment with God is a potential opportunity to change your life for the better!

  1. Download a Bible reading plan or App.

Technology makes it easy to connect with God through His Word. Find online teachings, Bible study plans, and more at the click of a button and incorporate this into your day. I love the audio Bible downloads now available online. This makes for easy listening to the Word of God – in the car, at your desk, or at any convenient moment.

  1. Speak to God while you’re working out.

You may go for a run each day or spend time in the gym. Either way, use this time to reflect and engage with God. I’ve spent many special moments talking to God while jogging on the treadmill.

  1. Set up a prayer date.

You may feel more encouraged to pray together with someone else. If you’re feeling low, God may use a fellow believer to speak life into your heart. Plan to meet up with another teammate and pray together.

  1. Get outdoors and allow creation to inspire you.

There is something amazing about being out in the fresh air and feeling inspired by all the Lord has made. If you’re feeling trapped in a mundane routine, simply step outside or have a seat on a garden bench and ask God to speak to you.

  1. Get creative at dinnertime.

Allow the family to engage with God and one another around the dinner table. Talk about what God has done during your day and encourage your family to do the same. You could also spend time praying for one another.

  1. Journal and connect with God.

At the end of each day, spend a few moments writing down those things that God has spoken to you about during the day. Keep a journal as a record of all the Father has shared with you.


Tamsyn Cornelius
Tamsyn Cornelius is a wife and mother, as well as a writer and editor, based in her home town of Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative, she loves color, décor and crafting beautiful things with her hands. Her first love is Jesus and she takes great pride in sharing her passion for God through the written word.
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