Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021

20 Ways Christian Parents Can Help Their Kids Cope with the Pandemic

In these seasons of crisis and our all-important busyness, there is often a subtle temptation to overlook the precious little lives that dwell in our very homes.

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You’re not the only one feeling the press.

Little eyes, little ears, little bodies, and tender souls are doing their best to process this COVID-19 experience alongside their parents – with far fewer tools.

Try as we might to conceal it from them, a new “homeschool life,” coupled with a new work-from-home-world, or worse, a “no-work-at-all-world” – positions anxious children in full view of life’s troubling complications.

While we likely have ways of processing the noise, it’s entirely possible that our children might be overlooked in the missionary equation that lies before them.

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Here are 20 suggestions on how to help your children to process the pandemic:

  1. Ask them individually about what they are feeling and thinking about the pain they observe so you can grow in attentiveness to their unique needs;
  2. Pray with and for your children and speak courageous words of hope as you pray;
  3. Take one day each week for family worship: share a Scripture passage that is relevant to the moment, provide a single point of application, allow the children to discuss their ideas, and pray together;
  4. Memorize Scripture together as a family—the message your kids need to hear is the same message you need as well;
  5. Model neighbor-love by finding strategic ways to care for your neighbors who are hurting or alone. Take time with your children to prepare a simple gift basket for neighbors, or pick up and deliver some necessary groceries;
  6. Teach children to be a blessing to others by making crafts, writing cards, or scheduling calls with those who may need an encouraging touch;

  7. As the economy reopens, frequent local businesses and allow your kids to hear stories of the impact of the virus on everyday people they see regularly. Offer to pray with employees in front of your kids;

  8. Make allowance for shortened attention spans if you are watching a church service online. Take time to pause the video and help children process what they are hearing with a question of personal application;

  9. Process grief with children—allow them to feel the emotions of life in a fallen world even if that is simply mourning the loss of school or a big event they were looking forward to; Prepare them for adulthood where disappointment is normal and maturity is reflected in the ability to persevere through pain;

  10. Look out for vulnerable children in your community …

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