May 30th, 2024

Gender Identity & LGBTQ Agendas: The Covert Attack on God’s Creative Authority


“I No Longer Want to Be Who God Created Me to Be”

Who said it first? YOU did, Lucifer.

You were the crown jewel of heaven, beautifully adorned in a one-of-a-kind jewel-studded robe. A magnificent anointed cherub, you were, with direct access to the throne of God.

Your job? To cover and guard the mount of God, and lead the heavenly host in praises to the Almighty Creator. Why else were percussion and pipe-based instruments built into your being (Ezekiel 28:13)? Your sound was like none other, your being was like none other. No other angel in heaven shared the same assignment as you. You were perfectly exquisite.


Your prideful heart grew discontent with your created purpose and assignment. Your uplifted heart corrupted the gift of wisdom given to you. It’s no longer enough to have intimate access to the God of all the heavens. Who is God anyway, right? Your beauty and wisdom are unmatched – yet your responsibility for all eternity is to honor, obey, serve, and give glory to Him? Tuh.

Other angels around you concur. They agree with your passionate position:

“Why should I glorify Him with my praise, as praiseworthy and beautiful as I am. I deserve honor and glory. I should be calling my own shots…I will be like the Most High!”

But sadly, your plan doesn’t go very well.

Your justifications were strong, and you even had an army of supporters marching in formation behind you. But in the end, your efforts were no match for the Almighty God. You, in all your beauty and wisdom, and your crew were kicked out of heaven (Ezekiel 28:17).

Now, things will never be the same between you and God. You are now destined for fiery, eternal punishment. Forgiveness or a second chance will never be an option for you.

Are you mad?

Fast Forward to Creation

God thought of everything (Job 38).

The heavens and earth were formed with intentional planning, design, and execution. The divine, creative authority of God crafted the mysteries of times and seasons. God drafted the plan for the oceans’ tides in response to the moon. Only God knows where He stores the snow and hail (Job 38:22), the measurements of the earth’s foundation (Job 38:4), or where light and darkness go until they’re beckoned (Job 38:19).

With Creative Authority Comes Order

Any creator or inventor gets it. He or she does not just create a “what” – they also create the “how”.

Inherent in everything God creates is function. God didn’t create anything without also creating its “how” – how it’s to be used, instructions on how it works. And, within any function is boundary and order.

Take a seed, for example. Every apple seed on earth was instructed to produce more apple trees (order), and only apple trees (boundary). Likewise, apples know its function is to produce more apple seeds and only apple seeds.

God did not leave His creation to figure out how it’s supposed to work. He did not leave light and darkness to themselves to figure out who would be “day” and who would be “night” and when (Genesis 1:4-5).

God is a God of order. He planned with foreknowledge of each created entity, how all of creation functions and inter-functions with each other.

God’s New Crown Jewel – Mankind

Mankind is the first created entity where God Himself specifically expresses His authorship (“Let us make man”), and fashions the creation in His likeness (Genesis 1:26). The process of creation for man shifts from pure creative authority and power – “Let there be” because I said so – to a personal attachment and connection with the creation.

Humans are special.

With its assignments and framework set, God created and blessed humanity to:

  • Thrive as either male or female.
  • Reproduce to fill the earth.
  • Take dominion over all other living creatures.

We were creation’s finale, and God took great pleasure in the entire show (it was good). But, just like today – there’s typically someone in the audience of your good works who refuses to clap.

God’s handiwork did not impress you know who…

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Devil Scorned

What does the old crown jewel do when a new crown jewel takes the main stage? The old jewel holds the new in horrendous contempt and disdain.

We are rightfully warned that the enemy (and his team of fallen angels) walks around like a lion (1 Peter 5:8), seeking to destroy us and to accuse us day and night before God (Revelation 12:10).

Playing both sides, the devil has been trying to prove to us that God is wrong (“You won’t surely die” Gen 3:4) or unjust (“He’s just trying to keep you from becoming like gods” Gen 3:5) since Adam and Eve. Works of destruction, manipulation, perversion, and counterfeit expose Satan’s intent to desecrate God’s creation.

How can the enemy directly attack the creative authority and order of God?

One of the enemy’s most effective tools against God’s creative authority and order is the LBGTQ and gender identity agendas.

Somewhere along the line, humanity got the bright idea that the creative authority of God was up for debate or quarrel. We, His creaTION, were somehow endowed with voting privileges that could actually overrule how the CreaTOR planned for us to live and operate.

Never before in our society has there been so much discontent with our gender of birth or the function and order of male and female relationships.

And, just as Lucifer grew discontent with his created purpose and assignment, the same spirit and reasoning now run rampant in the LGBTQ community as same-sex marriage laws and gender-neutral education in our schools become the new “norms”.

5 Ways the LGBT and Gender Identity Agendas Attack God’s Creative Authority

lgbtGod, as Creator of all, has the sole, exclusive right to set the order and function of all that He created.  LGBTQ and gender identity agendas attack God’s creative authority, how?

1.  The LGBTQ agenda defies God’s pre-ordained purpose.

Be it the creation of Lucifer or man, purpose always precedes production. All of creation was made with a pre-determined, pre-defined purpose and order in mind. For example, we never expect an apple seed to produce an orange tree, nor does the apple seed question God, “I’m tired of making apples…why can’t I make an orange?”

Before we were formed in the womb, God knew us (Jeremiah 1:5), including the pre-purposed, pre-planned gender that would spring from our mother’s womb. It gives the enemy great pleasure to influence man to dishonor God’s divine “good pleasure” of creating us as either a man or a woman.

2.  They inhibit the fulfillment of our assignment to be fruitful and multiply.

Two women or two men by themselves cannot reproduce. Yet, some believe God to be confused or oblivious to give direct instruction to humanity (“multiply”), and then bless and condone behavior (homosexuality) that naturally prevents us from completing His instruction. Interesting.

Let’s face it, the last thing the devil wants is more of us bruising his head (Genesis 3:15) – more prophets of God, more followers of Christ. But even more so, how would Jesus have come into the world to defeat the devil – if everyone practiced homosexuality? It’s a genocide tactic against creation. Thank God for men and women cleaving to each other according to the creative order of God (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-5). Obedience to creative authority and order saves souls.

3.  The LGBTQ movement follows the example of Lucifer.

A very popular tactic in human conflict is to show that the other person “Does/did it, too.” The intent is to show that s/he is not “that bad”, or that the other person is not “that good.” No tactic is beneath the devil’s character. Remember, Satan has to bring some kind of accusation against us – the new crown jewel. And, the LGBTQ and gender-neutral communities are doing exactly what Lucifer did – choosing to rebel against God’s will.

Lucifer didn’t want to be what God created anymore, and set out to change his heavenly identity to “be like the Most High”. Our society now exhibits the same prideful, entitled spirit, following the example of Lucifer:

“Who is God to tell me (as a woman) that I have to love a man?
Who is God to tell me (born male) that I can’t pick the gender I feel most comfortable in, and be like a woman?

4.  The LGBTQ agenda teaches humanity that our voice is equal to or greater than God’s.

God’s voice was an important tool in creation. Our voices carry creative power, as well. However, our voice, our will cannot undo the will of God – no matter how big the choir gets! Man’s laws, flags, and parades don’t intimidate God. Furthermore, it is a trick of the enemy to expect God to move or change, against His Word, because the masses or the SCOTUS say so. Strength in numbers is no match for oneI AM“.

As society and governments continue to validate and justify their own voice, the world claps to the beat of Satan’s drum, drowning out the voice of God.

5.  They promote the opposite of God’s original intent and claim compliance.

God didn’t say that.” Like Eve, the world has fallen for the devil’s interpretation of God’s thoughts and intentions (“For God knows that when you eat…”).

If God says there are 2 possible genders – assigned at birth, society identifies 50+ genders to choose from. If God intends for a man and a woman to be joined together (in union and sexual intercourse), these agendas claim the only requirement is ‘love’.  Where God’s Word speaks His intention, authority, and disapproval of homosexuality and gender identity, acrobatic explanations of Greek and Hebrew ensue, with conclusions that mix false doctrine with just the right amount of God’s love for man.

So many will be unnecessarily shocked that God actually meant what He said.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Don’t allow yourself to become a pawn in the desecration of God’s creation. Don’t be wooed by the cunning influence of Satan to unknowingly (or knowingly) support agendas that resist the creative authority of God. This war between God and Satan is much older than all of us. But, we have this assurance, through our savior Jesus Christ, that Team Jesus has already won.

Remember, just as the most adorned and blessed creation of heaven was created to glorify God, so was man. Line up with God’s will and order – it’s the only way to truly live abundantly and have eternal life in peace with God.

Now. Do you still find it hard to accept God’s creative authority and order?

Ok. Do your research. Ask Satan, “How’d that decision work out for you?”, when you first said, ‘I don’t want to be what I was created to be.”




Kim Brightness
As Publisher/EIC of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content on Kingdom living excellence. As an author, producer, and media buyer with over 25 years in marketing and advertising, you can always find Kim writing/editing, consulting, covering Christian events, or advocating for trauma-healing and inner beauty on her Live and Learn Show.


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Debra Johnson
7 years ago

I LOVE THIS! God be Praised! Final say is a comin’…

7 years ago

Thought provoking and informative! A clear case of trademark and patent infringement to take something you didn’t create and call yourself the author of it!

3 years ago

Thank you. This article perfectly explains the answer to why the LGBTQ thinking is against God’s plan for His creation. They Almighty God of Creation doesn’t make mistakes.

Greg Durham
Greg Durham
2 years ago

This article is the kind of crap that turns people off Christianity. It’s so opposite the mind-blowing, loving message of the gospels. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There you’ll meet Jesus and the all-loving God he knew. There’s not an ounce of Jesus in this article. It’s Old Testament, fire-and-brimstone crap. If you can’t handle Jesus and feel you need to follow ancient Judaism, with its thousands of rules, then fine, do that. Just make sure that in the process you’re not eating pork, wearing leather, or doing a million other things. And don’t have the audacity to call… Read more »

2 years ago

It is clear the enemy seeks to destroy us and lately I have been asking myself why is he so bound and determined to remove male and female. Why is he trying to make us question who we are or what we were created for. This article was well written and makes a lot of sense. Thanks Kim

2 years ago

God is a God of order with the wisdom of creation in His hands, the all knowing Sovereign God who is not a God of chaos. Satan brings chaos into the creation. Nothing worse than a little girl coming home from school asking her mama:” Mama, the teacher says I don’t have to be a girl if I don’t want to, she says being a boy is ok, mama, I am not happy about this because now I don’t really know who I am, what am I supposed to be”. This gender identity agenda is creating chaos and confusion, hurt… Read more »

Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis
2 years ago

Homosexuality is rare in society and does not inhibit those who would go forth and multiply in a marriage between man and woman. As someone pointed out below God created everything… and everything means he created homosexuals and those who are confused about their gender identity. I don’t pretend to be educated about gender identity issues but right now it is like a fad and may eventually fade.

ace komone >:D
ace komone >:D
1 year ago

well you clearly haven’t met an LGBTQ+ person…. as one myself this is very incorrect, just saying.

Vicki Lance
Vicki Lance
1 year ago

I am a female and didn’t marry until age 52. I wanted to have children, but was not married early enough to do so. My point being, whether or not a man or women has children, the Bible is clear that we are beautifully designed male or female…not a mix of both or an absence of either. And in fact, we are made in His image. What more of a compliment do people want than to be described as “made in His/God’s image?”

Christy arthur
Christy arthur
1 year ago

I,m going to have to do gods bidding even as a homosexual I’m not willing to give my soul to the devil even if it means doing what I don’t feel in my heart is to be heterosexual I don’t like being punished for what I feel or who I want to be I will take gods side because it’s so many things that the devil does that I feel is wrong it’s too much going on that shouldn’t be done that’s worse than my sin so I’ll have to side with what I know is right not what I… Read more »

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