February 25th, 2024

3 Ways to Serve the Lord with Gladness From a Sad or Broken Heart


“Worship? But, I Don’t Feel Like It.”

thoughts and prayersA broken heart will jack up everything, won’t it?

You’re feeling sad, nothing makes sense. It’s a challenge to eat or sleep. Sometimes, you just want to stop feeling and thinking altogether.

In the middle of all this madness, where could you find time to serve the Lord? “Lord, can’t I just catch a break from serving and honoring you, because _____?

Our “fill in the blank” moments aren’t just the place where we justify our breakdowns and retreat from society (or social media lol). These moments are ripe to fill with honor, obedience, and praise to God through the heartache and pain. Easier said than done? Yep! But, the doing is not impossible with a little guidance from our playbook.

Shift. Look Away. Try a Different Perspective.

One of the first things we have to do if we’re going to serve and honor God during a period of heartbreak is to shift the attention from ourselves to something that shows us ourselves. Huh? Keep reading…

Remember when Jesus Himself recommended this strategy for worry: “Look [away from yourself; consider] at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” (Matthew 6:26)

Team, what this implies is – a focus on our problem distorts the truth of our reality. Yes, you may have needs, but you are more valuable than the birds who toil for nothing. God will likewise take care of you!

And, what about the countless testimonies of the disciples or ancient Christians – were they familiar with sadness, heartache, and suffering?

What would happen if we shifted our focus to a jailed Paul and Silas in prison – to see our true reality? How were they able to serve and honor God – praying and singing – from a place of bondage (Acts 16:25)? Our Father, who has no respect of persons, will likewise deliver us!

Once we open our broken hearts wider to be able to “shift and look away” – if only for a moment – God will do the rest to heal and deliver us from heartache. As you walk through the journey of sadness and pain, carry these truths with you to the other side:

1. Speak and Pray the Word of God.

If there’s one thing you can’t trust during times of heartache, sadness, and pain – it’s words from your broken heart.

Typically, our words are busy telling others what “they” did, describing how bad we (rightfully) feel, or we’re cussin’ and fussin’ up a storm and often creating more chaos.

Who says you have to feel like speaking life when you really feel like death? You don’t! Declare the scriptures anyway – morning, noon, and night!

But, isn’t that like speaking a lie? Isn’t that being dishonest with how you truly feel?

That’s what we miss, Team! Our feelings will always try to misrepresent Truth when Jesus said He was the Truth! (John 14:6). Speaking life when you feel like dying will – wait for it… save your life and usher in healing!

2. Know that God is not Hurting You.

Team, one of the enemy’s tactics in this game is to paint God in a negative light or as having some negative, hidden agenda against us. He did it with Eve in the Garden – “God just doesn’t want you to be like Gods” (Genesis 3:5). The devil also tried it with Job through his wife, “Why don’t you just curse God [who’s allowing this pain] and die” (Job 2:9).

While your heartache and pain may entertain the notion of displacement – a defense mechanism that shifts your emotions and blame to a person other than the source of the pain – you must be steadfast and trust that God is not hurting or punishing you.

Don’t direct negative emotions or anger to God. No matter the heartache that others or life are causing right now, know that God loves you! He’s preparing a table for you in front of your enemies to restore and replenish you.

It is during these troubling times that your investment in time to get to know your Father will pay abundant dividends, and prove all attempts to otherwise slander God’s love for you fruitless.

3. Maintain a Posture of Worship.

Worships is sacrifice, and there’s no more appropriate time to sacrifice your praise before the Lord than when you’re heartbroken. I know you may feel like you’ve BEEN SACRIFICED, but you’ll be surprised…

There is power in your, “Yet will I worship Him!” It holds the power not only to heal that broken place in your life, but to produce more worship than you thought you had. A posture of worship will also draw out praise and worship from others who know (or suspect) your story and see your witness.

Yes, worship is your testimony before the testimony! Before you can ever muster the strength to mumble a word about how the Lord is on the case or how He brought you through, your worship testifies to the glorious goodness of God. Worship magnifies the King of King and Lord of Lords above the broken pieces of your life. It rightfully acknowledges Him as Master Potter who is yet able to create a masterpiece from this massive mess.

Lay it all on the altar before God. Sacrifice your praise and worship, and watch God raise up something greater for your life.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Our tears, heartache, weariness, frustration – they don’t cancel out our promise to reap God’s blessings. However, giving up does (Galatians 6:9)!

So, don’t faint, Team. Don’t faint. You have a personal, pre-determined date with “due season” deliverance. Do whatever it takes to keep your appointment.

Love Y’all!


Kim Brightness
As Publisher/EIC of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content on Kingdom living excellence. As an author, producer, and media buyer with over 25 years in marketing and advertising, you can always find Kim writing/editing, consulting, covering Christian events, or advocating for trauma-healing and inner beauty on her Live and Learn Show.
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