December 4th, 2023

5 Strategies to Stay on Track for a 4th Quarter Comeback


And that ends the 3rd quarter of…

Your goal. Your vision. Those lofty dreams on your vision board from January. And, you’re getting nervous. Maybe even a tad winded.

We’ve all been there, even as followers of Christ.

You prepared well in the “off” season, ate (the Word of God) right, and passed every battery in practice for your starting position. You’ve dressed out (in the whole armor of God), your circle of cheerleaders has got your back, and the stadium is packed.

There are on-lookers ravaging popcorn – just waiting for you to lose. Then, there are others who are also frantically watching the scoreboard, praying for a miracle, because – you said that “God told me” this was the game for you.

In your mind, the last thing you want to do is make God look bad, embarrass yourself – all to the tune of costly time and effort.

Well, guess what. You don’t have time to worry about any of these “facts” because you walk by faith, and not sight!

Allow me to borrow your focus from the scoreboard (or calendar) and share the following 5 strategies to stay in the game to win it!

1. Keep Playing Until 00:00.

Many of us have no problem starting a thing.  Just look at how many projects, books, businesses, and ideas are buried in the graveyard of our fears and doubts.

Don’t bail on your game and grow weary of doing well (Galatians 6:9) – tired of striving, of running, of pressing. Every press towards the mark ends with a prize (Philippians 3:14)!

Goodness and mercy will not “follow” you to the locker room to quit. When there’s still time on the clock, stay the course and keep moving towards your goal.  The win is in the press to keep showing up – play call, after play call.

2. Don’t Switch It Up, Stick to God’s Game Plan

Typically, if we’re scoreless or feel we’re not winning by the 4th quarter, we begin to call our own plays.

Have you ever told yourself:  “For some reason, God’s plans aren’t working, so I’ll just help Him out.”

Listen, unless God tells you to shift, change, or modify the plays – you keep doing the same thing God told you to do. It matters not what others may call “insanity” – doing the same thing, expecting different results. Insanity to people may just be your God-given keys to great success.

The all-wise God knows best – follow His lead.

3. Keep Your Eyes on Your Ball, Not Someone Else’s Game

Team, we will fumble every time when our eyes are distracted from God and our ball, and focused on what others are doing, saying, or what others have. Flag on the play!

Did you know that God’s plans are tailor-made for you? God is not a plan recycler. There is no copy machine in God’s office! He carefully crafts every plan for our lives with great love and precision (Jeremiah 29:11).

You don’t have to be in awe of someone else’s life – live the winning life God created for you!

4. Focus on God, Not Time

Think about it. How can time run out of the hands of Who made time?

You are a child of the Most High God, who not only created the game, wrote the rules, but He’s also the scorekeeper!

When this really sinks into your spirit, you’ll find that it’s futile to worry about not having enough time left to win. Know that your win has actually already happened! You’re just catching up to the manifestation of the win. And, you’ll do so if you don’t quit.

5. Rely on God’s Definition of Winning

Sometimes, our definition of winning is counterintuitive to how God defines our win. Perhaps you’ve considered the prize to be that promotion, big contract, a best-selling XYZ – when God wanted you to win at the game of being a Finisher. Could your “win” be the muscles and stamina gained that you’ll need in your next season?

Always remember, God will never fail you (Deuteronomy 31:8). He is a loving God with your best interest at heart. Put His objective – the victory God wants you to win – in your heart. Then, failure will never be an option.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Your faith walk is a fight, so fight, Team!

In the game purposed for your life, get smart about not only the enemy’s tactics and schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11), but your own internal doubts, fears, negative self-talk – and shut them down!  Replace them with a scripture from the powerful Word of God. Try searching for a go-to scripture by topic here.

You’re on assignment, folks, and God’s not going to change His mind, nor give up on you.

So, don’t give up on God.

Because you ain’t seen nothing yet!


Kim Brightness
As Publisher/EIC of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content on Kingdom living excellence. As an author, producer, and media buyer with over 25 years in marketing and advertising, you can always find Kim writing/editing, consulting, covering Christian events, or advocating for trauma-healing and inner beauty on her Live and Learn Show.
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