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5 Ways to be a Blessing and Make a Difference This Christmas

Go the extra mile and make an impact in someone’s life this festive season.

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Tamsyn Cornelius
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Tamsyn Cornelius is a wife and mother, as well as a writer and editor, based in her home town of Cape Town, South Africa. As a creative, she loves color, décor and crafting beautiful things with her hands. Her first love is Jesus and she takes great pride in sharing her passion for God through the written word.

This Christmas, Make a Real Difference.

christmasThe festive season is upon us – a time of thanksgiving and celebrating all that the Lord has done for us. However, Christmas is not always a joyous occasion for everyone. For some, it is a time of mourning lost loved ones or a season of loneliness and desperation. For others, it could be a time of financial woes and a battle to make ends meet.

Whatever the challenges faced this season, if we each attempted to lighten the load of someone else in need, we may see the ripple effect of goodness and grace extended to our fellow human beings. One small act of kindness could make a world of difference to someone who really needs it.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Here we share some practical ways you can be a blessing and make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas season:

1. Invite a stranger into your home.

Some people simply require a home-cooked meal and the presence of a family around them to feel loved and accepted during the holidays. Identify those individuals who could use some Christmas cheer and be sure to extend an invitation to them to celebrate Christmas with your family this year.

There are many people who spend Christmas all alone – with no friends or family to share the day with. The widower at church who recently lost his wife. The neighbor three doors down who lives all alone. The shop assistant who does not have any family in town.

Recognize those who are often overlooked and share the love of Christ with them over the season.

2. Spend time with the less fortunate.

Arrange snacks or simple gift packs and deliver this to your nearest children’s home, homeless shelter, or retirement village. Perhaps they may allow you to arrange a Christmas party for the children or provide some form of entertainment for the elderly. Time spent with those less privileged may be an eye-opener as to the many blessings we often take for granted.

Contact these organizations in your area and find out about their physical needs and how you can best be of service. You could also partner with a charitable organization and provide meals, gifts and more to help the needy in your community.

3. Create food parcels with your leftovers.

Let’s face it. Many of us have the tendency to prepare an overabundance of food during our lavish Christmas celebrations. Avoid waste this year and create parcels of food with your Christmas leftovers.

You could also create a new family tradition and share your leftovers with others. The day after Christmas, get up early, pack up your leftovers and drive around your area to deliver plates of food to those living on the streets or those in need.

4. Declutter and donate.

The festive season is the perfect time to declutter your home and wardrobe. Before the new year arrives, be sure to pack up any clothing and household items that you no longer need or want. Pack these in a box earmarked for donations and be sure to give these items to charity. Your unused items could be an answer to prayer for those in need, and your gift may give back to you in the form of a tax deduction.

3. Clothe yourself in grace.

During the holiday season, the shops and roads may be busier. Lines may be long, and people may tend to be on edge as they complete their Christmas shopping and holiday to-do lists. Make a conscious effort to clothe yourself in grace this season and be courteous as you go about your holiday shopping.

Allow others to go ahead of you in traffic or in long shopping lines. Be kind and compliment those working extended hours in retail this season. If you can afford it, tip the waitress a little something extra for her effort. Kindness and love are never wasted.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience,” (Colossians 3:12).

So Teammates, as you celebrate the season, remember to put Jesus above all else and share the love of Christ with everyone you encounter.


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