Thursday, Jun 4, 2020

After The Mistake, Don’t Forget The Way Of Escape

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Kristina Bolton
Kristina Bolton
Kristina Bolton, aka The Preachy Writer, is a wife, mother of 5, revelatory writer, author, and preacher. Her first love is God, and her passion is to edify people so they can make it into His Kingdom. She is the author of Charity: The Church’s False Love, available on Amazon.

The Preachy Writer Podcast

“The Preachy Writer Podcast” is a new podcast aimed at helping believers live for God. Referred to as a “mid-week snack” it edifies and encourages Christians to keep pressing toward Jesus. Never predictable but always timely it is sure to get your passion ignited. Join the Kristina every Wednesday to be strengthened, challenged, and encouraged.

Every man has sinned.

way of escapeEvery man has faults and shortcomings. But as a Christian, we have a Redeemer through Jesus Christ. While no man can claim perfection, The Father wants His people to know that failure is not the final destination. There is a way of escape.

Listen to this episode to help strengthen your walk and help you to know that no struggle or sin has dominion over the redeemed of the Lord.

Listen to “After The Mistakes, Don’t Forget The Way Of Escape” on Spreaker.

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