Saturday, May 30, 2020

Brandon C. Lightfoot

There’s a Name for That ‘Stuck’ Feeling in Your Life

From Stuck to Unstuck Motionless – not moving; stationary.  This word motionless carries so much weight in the lives of so many people.  Being motionless is equivalent to being STUCK in a state that you can't pull yourself out of....

Prepare Yourself Now for What’s to Come Next

Time Waits For No One A typical phrase, right?  And, it’s very true.  November is here and we are on the heels of crossing over into 2019. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Preparation is the one thing that qualifies you...

About Me

Brandon C. Lightfoot is a father, teacher, preacher, and creative with a passion for God and His word. His dedication to God has allowed him to be a light so that others may find their authentic identity. With a focus on kingdom development and growth, Brandon’s initiative is to build brands through Biblical principles.
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Latest News

The Good & Perfect Gift of Diversity and Why God Hates Racism

If diversity is part of God's plan for humanity, where does that leave racism? God hates racism - and for good reasons. Here's why!
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In All the Places Without Cameras, Let’s Be Our Brother’s Keeper

As followers of Christ, let’s commit to being our brother’s keeper, in every situation, regardless of cost—with or without cameras.

Mental Health: How Do I Hear God’s Voice with Other Voices in My Head?

When dealing with mental health challenges, how can we hear God's voice when we hear other voices? Try these tips from Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis.

5 Tips for Letting Go When That Person, Place, or Thing No Longer Serves You

It can be hard to let go of the "placeholders" in life that have served their purpose. Here are 5 tips on letting go to make room for better.

Thanksgiving on Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean to Christians in America? We have so much to be thankful for when we consider the sacrifices made on our behalf.