Bishop Eddie Long and the Eligibility for Redemption

Steve Harvey’s daytime TV interview with Bishop Eddie Long sent waves through the Internet and social media channels today, as Bishop Long, for the first time, discussed the struggles and learned lessons from 2010. In that rocky year, Bishop Long faced allegations and lawsuits related to sexual misconduct with under-aged boys.  Now five plus years later, still standing after bouts of depression and contemplation of suicide, the senior pastor of New Birth has penned the book, The Untold Story: A Story of Adversity, Pain and Resilience.

Now, regardless of Bishop Long’s verdict in our personal – and inconsequential – trial court and execution hearing, one thing stands sure: God decides who is eligible for redemption.

So, who Lord?

His answer?

Whosoever Will

God has gifted the world with “all-access” grace and forgiveness. No matter how unfair, or unworthy we deem redemption for other people’s faults or struggles – there is no sin so black, no iniquity so scarlet red that the blood of Jesus can’t wash white as snow.

This is our message, Team! Some of us flaunting our Team Jesus jersey have sordid pasts we would never want our closest confidant – not alone the public – to know about us.

But the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that each one of us, with our hidden bags of filthiness and even nastier hearts – we have access and freedom to call upon the name of the Lord and we shall be saved (Romans 10:13).

So as Team Jesus, our response to this story is two-fold:

  1. Continued prayers for redemption and restoration for Bishop Eddie Long and us all. There are still 10,000+ souls under his guidance. We pray that God will continue to use him to rightly divide the Word of truth, and win souls for the Kingdom.
  2. As we/the world witnesses the redemptive work of Christ – a work that says “you can never fall too far where I can’t catch you” – we give thanks for the example and humbly proclaim…


I am Whosoever.

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