May 30th, 2024

Kirk Franklin and Team Jesus Intercede for Jojo Martin



Join us as we continue to pray for healing for our friend, Jojo Martin, a prolific vocalist and anointed worship leader, whose journey with renal failure touched the hearts of millions through social media during Kirk Franklin’s concert in Jacksonville, Florida.  This is what ministry is all about.

From Franklin’s Facebook post:

…Tonight my tour was in Jacksonville Florida and a young man named Josiah Martin attended tonight. Many in the music industry know him as JO JO, a prolific artist who’s voice has been featured on many gospel and mainstream albums. Jo jo is 31 and has been waiting for a kidney match for over 3 years now. Tonight while I was performing a song called INTERCESSION I passed him the mic in the audience and that’s when the air was sucked out of the room and the entrance of Gods presence was the only thing we remembered.. As he began to sing, he sung from one of the most honest and broken places I’ve ever heard a voice communicate from. As he sang about the fatigue of dialysis and the discouragement of waiting for a match, I wanted to pray for him, but was terrified to. The moment was so pure and the entire building was in tears before the lord . I did not want to abuse my platform at the expense of trying to pray one of these impressive prayers that makes people shout and the organ and drummer cause the people’s feet to run. Though there’s nothing wrong with those moments, they are often too much of the goal, and we often think that God Didn’t move if we didn’t run around a building. Not so. I did not want to say things I cannot promise, nor did I want to rebuke a devil that has NOTHING to do with this! I wanted to be like Habakkuk in the bible who when facing his enemies and problems too big for his own strength, prayed one of the most intimate and honest prayers that has become my favorite love letter to God. If the face of his giants he prayed “God,I don’t know what to do, but God my eyes are on you”. That’s what I needed to say. To be weak before Him, humble before Him, because that’s what my brother needed… Not Kirk, but the KING. And my King, I ask of you to do what no one else can do…a miracle for our brother. Amen. I’ll never forget tonight. Thank you JO JO.

Let’s do what we can, not only in prayer, but consider a donation to the Jojo Martin Foundation, and learn how you can become a kidney donor.  Jojo’s gifts have touched so many, and as Team Jesus, what a gracious opportunity we have to bless him back…

We love you, Jojo!

Editorial Staff
The Editorial Staff at Team Jesus Magazine is a team of Christian content producers who honor God, and curate uplifting and informative content for Team Jesus.


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