Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

Team Huddle

Spiritual Cleaning: A Time to Declutter and Reorganize Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

Is a good spiritual cleaning the answer to a cluttered and frustrated life? Let's find out together, here's how.

When God Asks You to Pray for Difficult People

As followers of Christ, we are called to pray for our enemies and difficult people. What does a prayer for an enemy look like? Let's see.

4 Ways to Keep Your Validators From Drowning Out the Holy Spirit

There are many voices strategically positioned to drown out the voice of the Holy Spirit. Here's how to fine-tune your hearing.

We Must Cut Off the Bad Habits That Hinder Our Walk With God

The bad habits or sins in our private lives can hinder our walk with the Lord. It's time to cut them off and make a change.

Emotions Lie: You’re Not Disconnected From God

In the moments when we feel disconnected from God, that's when He is the closest. Don't let your feelings and emotions fool you.

4 Fabulous Ways to Know When You Have Forgiven Someone

How do we know when we've truly forgiven the other person? It may not be a hug, but these 4 signs are good indicators.

SMART Goals for the New Year: How to Set Them and Follow Through

The new year is filled with plans, dreams, and goals. Plan your new year with SMART goals and make sure you follow through...here's how.

The True Source of ‘Happy’ for a Happy New Year

Don't let the hardships of the current year make you miss a happy new year. Here's the true source of 'happy' for a happy new year.

The ‘Yes Face’: Can Others See Hope and Positivity in Your Face?

As a follower of Christ, do you have a YES face, or a NO face? Consider what your countenance says to the world without saying a word.

How to Finish the Race Without Competing With Others

We all will run and finish the race God has for us in our own way and time. Resist the urge to compete with others...here's how!
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Should the Erosion of Free Speech Worry Christians?

What social media companies’ actions toward Donald Trump could mean about the state of the First Amendment for Christians.
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