Does Your Christian Lifestyle Fit the Label?

are you a hypocrite

Last week, I was serving my husband dinner after a long, stress-filled day.  It was a 90-degree afternoon during rush hour traffic when his work truck experienced a massive blow out. Traffic was especially heavy, as the city’s commuters were frantically exiting downtown Washington, D.C. for Memorial Day weekend.

Knowing first hand the overwhelm of the gridlock, coupled with the agitation of being stranded, I did my best to ensure that he was well taken care of when he finally arrived home.

He smiled with appreciation as I prepared his second helping.

“Why thank you my gracious lady!” he said.

Huh, gracious lady?

He was reading the wording on my newest bling tee. Even though I was wearing the t-shirt, for some reason the term “gracious lady” took me by surprise.

What’s the Condition of Your Heart?

I immediately felt a check in my spirit.  I had to stop and ask myself “Am I a gracious lady every day?”

By definition the word gracious means “marked by kindness and courtesy; characterized by charm and generosity of spirit.”

I had to pause and consider the attitude of my heart on a daily basis.  Fortunately, on this day I was empathetic and gentle.

On other days, however, my acts of service seem more like tedious, exhausting chores rather than gestures of love.

What label are YOU wearing?

As followers of Jesus Christ, with t-shirts, hats, and bumper stickers proclaiming our faith, we must be mindful to avoid the appearance of being a fraud or a hypocrite.

Are your feet and your words in alignment?  Does your walk match your talk?

Are you living up to what your t-shirt promotes, or are you laying down your religion when pushed to your limit?

Does the declaration on your bumper sticker reflect the real you, or are you using ‘red letter edition’ words for the difficult people who cut you off in traffic?

So, what is the play call?

Take a few minutes to pause and do a heart check.  Look at the logos and slogans that mark your life and the ones you call yourself:

Child of the Most High God
Jesus is Lord

Are you living up to the labels you wear?  Be sure your life brings God glory.

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