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Good Sex: 7 Surprising Marital Aids in the Bible to Use Immediately

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Kim Brightness
Kim Brightness
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God Made Sex, Good

good sexIt’s not a total “newsflash”, but some Christian couples may need the reminder: God is the Creator sex. And, in His God-character with full creative authority, He looked at sex and saw that it was good. Real good.

Not only did God create sex, God intentionally cares about sex. He didn’t author sexual activity half-heartedly but crafted an intense pleasure through oneness for husbands and wives to enjoy.

Like the old Cracker Jack boxes, there’s a gift inside, folks! Think about it. If good sex was an after-thought to God, He could’ve easily created a simple “button” on our bodies to press in order to procreate – case closed. But no. Think about it. For every human conception on earth, the man, at a minimum, experiences an incredibly heightened sense of pleasure as the sperm fertilizes the egg {insert men high-fiving God}.

Since God made sex for The Cleavers, He also created the ins and outs, the boundary lines, the order of functionality and operation for sex. Being the Alpha and Omega God He is, God was strategic in that He created sex not only within the realm of the physical, but knew fully the influence on the internal – emotional, mental, and psychological places within us.

Sex is a mind, body, and spirit job.

When’s the last time you and your spouse treated sex as such? When’s the last time you or your spouse took action on God’s advice for good sex?

What? You’ve never read the good sex play calls in scripture inspired by the divine Sex Therapist Himself?

Well, consider this to be your blessed day (or night) for marital intimacy via good sex!

God’s Marital Tools for Good Sex

With every good and perfect gift from God, the enemy has a counterfeit and/or a monkey wrench.

Are you and your spouse experiencing less than what God intended for your sex life?

While the world would have us believe that the only effective marital tools for good sex are things like pornography, toys, or group activities, God’s prescriptions are much simpler. His marital tools will make your sex life richer, and add no sorrow to your relationship like e.g. porn (Proverbs 10:22).

Try these little known – or little used – play calls to improve your sex life. Some of them may surprise you…

1. Husbands, love your wives (Colossians 3:19).

Hubbies! Do you want your wife to melt in your arms? Show her you LOVE her. Not just in lip service, but in the same manner that Christ loved the church – through giving and sacrifice (John 3:16, Ephesians 5:2).

Safety, patience, and trust abide in the essence of love – all things that your wife craves. As you satisfy her with your consistent, loving support, watch the levels of sexual intimacy roll off the charts!

2. Wives, reverence your husbands (Ephesians 5:33).

Deep respect has an amazing effect on husbands, wives. When your husband feels your love and respect, it has a way of healing and protecting areas currently under attack in his psyche that you may know nothing about. In contrast, our disrespect and lack of honor can further injure the hearts of our men, which births ripe conditions for the enemy’s use.

It is God’s order for wives to reverence their husbands. Wives, let your desire be towards your husband’s best interest (Genesis 3:16), and watch how it positively affects your marriage in and out of the bedroom.

3. Speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)

If God is Love, it is anti-God to lie. And, where there is the opposite of God or His character, there lies everything contrary to God and the absence of His blessings.

Lies within the marriage will make your sex life sick. Likewise, speaking the truth without love and grace is like washing your clothes with a cheese grater – sure, you want them cleaned, but your delivery is too rough and abrasive. You’re shredding the very fabric of your relationship.

Just like sex is communication – and requires communication – season your speech with love and grace (Ephesians 4:29), and watch it also spice up your love life.

4. Husbands, Wives, it’s not just about you (Galatians 5:13).

Just as the body of Christ is called to “serve one another” – how much more does God expect husbands and wives to serve each other?

Do you make sex just about you – your needs, wants, timing, your way? Does your spouse have room to express and receive what they need?

Selfishness is not a desirable character trait of a Cleaver and has no place within the bounds of marriage. Begin to adopt a Spirit of service rather than any requirement of servitude, and watch how good sex will be had by all.

5. Couples, give all your cares to God (1 Peter 5:7).

Where do you take your intimate concerns, if not to God? Does God’s “all” only apply to bills, jobs, or sickness – but not the health of your sex life?

Remember, anything that God created, He cares about it. When we allow the cares of life to bog us down, it affects the communication, the focus, and the intimacy within our marriages.

Lose the weights that are choking the life out of your sex life. Give all of your concerns to God in faith-filled prayer – touching and agreeing together.

6. Couples, pray without ceasing – even during sex (1 Thessalonians 5:17)?

You are closest to your spouse during sex than at any other time – have you ever prayed for them during sex?

Don’t laugh. No, you don’t have to go up in tongues lol (unless you want to). Your spouse doesn’t even have to know you’re praying blessings over their life, their purpose. But, in your spirit during sex, you can give thanks and give honor for the work God is doing in their life. You can speak greatness over them. Your touch can be drenched with love, blessings, and grace over all that concerns them – giving them a safe place to be transparent and vulnerable.

In Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ name. Amen :).

7. Couples, honor your “head” (1 Corinthians 11:3).

The head of every husband is Christ. The head of every wife is the husband. What would happen in marital intimacy if husbands and wives both honored their head? Is there enough opportunity for submission to go around for everybody?

Unity in marriage is a blessing that mirrors fine, anointed oil that runs from the head down – upon the husband first, then upon the wife and family (Psalm 133:2). How difficult is it to live in disunity and then expect the blessings of unified, good sex? Wives, how unrealistic is it to dishonor your husband then expect your “head” to bless you? Husbands?

If we all gave honor where honor is due, we’ll reap the benefits of God’s blessings in all things.

So, What’s the Play Call?

Do good sex God’s way. Know that God cares about every aspect of your marriage, including your sex life. Enjoy the joys of sex – it’s your gift – and when in doubt or if difficulties arise, consult the Creator for His guidance and best practices.

Which marital tool(s) above will you apply to your marriage?
What other biblical marital tools do you use to keep your marriage healthy?
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