“God, I’m Tired”: An Uplifting Word for the Worn-out Christian

The Preachy Writer Podcast

The Preachy Writer Podcast” is a new podcast aimed at helping believers live for God. Referred to as a “mid-week snack” it edifies and encourages Christians to keep pressing toward Jesus. Never predictable but always timely it is sure to get your passion ignited. Join the Kristina every Wednesday to be strengthened, challenged, and encouraged.

I’m just tired, Lord.

i'm tiredThere comes a time in our walk with the Lord that trying times arise. Being a part of any team requires work, and from that work, we strive for victory.

However, when it seems like there is more tribulation than the promises of God coming to pass, the work can become exhausting.

Staying in the fight becomes more of a concern and the temptation to give up seems like the best solution.

If you find yourself telling God, “I’m tired,” then this episode is for you. Be encouraged!

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