December 8th, 2023

Never Lose Your Confidence in God


Your Confidence in God Will Be Rewarded, Don’t Miss It!

confidence in godIt is important in these last days for believers never to lose their confidence in the faith and in Christ. There is so much happening in the world that can bring negativity and discouragement. But we are to stand firm in our beliefs and in our knowledge of truth which is the Word of God.

The Bible declares in Hebrews 3:6 that we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of our hope firmly to the end. Everything in the world’s system is designed to discourage what we believe through the Word. The world’s economic system is sometimes up and sometimes down, but the Word of God says we are the head and not the tail and we are the lender and not the borrower (Deuteronomy 28:13). 

The World Will Let You Down

confidence in godThe world’s health care system cannot diagnose and cure every disease. Even if you have all the money in the world, if there is no cure – they eventually give up on you. On the other hand, the Bible declares in Isaiah 53:5, “…by His stripes you were healed.”  The Word of God declares in Matthew 8:17 “He bore our sicknesses and diseases” and He cures even the incurable (Jeremiah 30:17 MSG).

No matter the situation, we must not lose our confidence in God. It is His Word that sets us free. The Word of God gives us confidence. God desires believers to be confident in Him because He is faithful to keep His Word.

God does not lie – if He says He will take care of you, He will. The Bible says in the last days that the love of many shall grow cold and they shall leave the faith, but for those who stand firm in faith and fight the good fight of faith, they shall stand. Their confidence in God shall keep them firm until the end. 

So, what’s the play call?

Let’s not lose our confidence in God. Even if what you’re believing for has yet to manifest, it shall come to pass! God is faithful and He keeps His promises to us.

Liz Guya
Graphic designer, writer, and entrepreneur seeking the kingdom as a citizen of heaven living in Kenya. Willing to go where The Holy Spirit leads and spread the gospel. Liz loves to study and teach the Word in a very practical and simple way and to share God's heart for his people. She loves to share and teach on faith, healing, confession, fashion, women, and kingdom lifestyle.
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