June 14th, 2024

Nominate a Team Jesus Teammate!


Hey there, Team!

Do you know someone on Team Jesus who deserves a little recognition? They get it. They live it. They’re executing the plays that Coach Jesus calls – e.g. love others, serve others, be cheerful givers, be faithful in your positions, and serve with gladness.

Got a teammate in mind?

We want to hear about them and feature them in a Teammate Spotlight!

God Does Not Play Favorites, Neither Do We!

Some of the BEST players on Team Jesus don’t have a huge following or a major platform. They’re everyday people who love Jesus Christ (for real) and show their love not only in words – but in their actions.

While we all can appreciate and honor the “generals” on Team Jesus, it’s those “boots on the ground”, faithful Teammates working in the trenches without the spotlight or fanfare who also deserve our honor and thanks.

Think about the elderly lady who prays and raises everyone’s children on the block. Who will honor the man who cheerfully cleans the church bathrooms in excellence? What about that friend who always sends you little notes of encouragement right when you need them?

God sees and honors all teammates who faithfully and obediently live to glorify Him. And Team Jesus Magazine wants to do the same!

Teammate Spotlight Giveaways

Participation in Teammate Spotlights has its rewards!

team jesus magazineFeatured teammates (and their nominators) with the most monthly engagement, i.e. comments, shares, likes, reposts, will receive a FREE Team Jesus Magazine t-shirt!  It’s our way of saying thanks and empowers Team Jesus everywhere to encourage and rejoice with you.

So, don’t be shy. Be sure to tell everyone about your Teammate Spotlight, and inspire others with your story.

One (1) winning giveaway per nominee.
Newsletter subscription required.

Submit Your Teammate Spotlight Nominations

Complete the form below and share in 100 words or less why your nominee should be featured in a Teammate Spotlight.  We will notify you if your nominee is selected, and request additional information and nominee permission.

Let’s be encouragers of one another, and lift each other up!

We are one Team united under God by our faith in Jesus Christ.


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    The Editorial Staff at Team Jesus Magazine is a team of Christian content producers who honor God, and curate uplifting and informative content for Team Jesus.
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