The Golden Calf: Who or What are You Worshipping?

We Need Worship

It’s biblical.

When Moses went up to the mountaintop, he left his brother Aaron down there with The Israelites. With Moses gone, they didn’t know what to do. Moses was their representation of God. And they literally and figuratively needed something higher than themselves to look up to. So they demanded that Aaron create them a golden calf to worship.

The big dummy did it.

Moses stormed down off that mountaintop raining cuss words on those Israelites! He even broke the original tablets of commandments that God had given him.

He was so mad! Why? Because Moses loved what God loved, and he hated what God hated.

We may never know exactly what was written on the first set of stones, but when Moses went back up the mountain to sit in God’s presence, he came down with the first commandment being, “I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me.”

God, being all-knowing, knew they would be that foolish. So He warned them.

Just like He warns us.

To Whom Does Your Worship Belong?

worshipI was a huuuuuuge Beyonce fan. Huuuge. Before the BeyHive. Before social media. Before the whirlwind that was Formation. I had albums and scanned over her performance at Essence; I was constantly searching for tickets and appearances.

Had the BeyHive been out back then, I would have been a card-carrying member and would have sworn allegiance to her.

But now?

There is no person in this world that I put before God. Not even me.

That means that when I want something and God says no, through tears and with a broken heart sometimes, I’ve let it go.

Because God comes first.

The Golden Calf Syndrome

Many of us have created golden calves in our lives. We put our focus on this one thing and we constantly feed it. We pour water on it. We pray about it and pray to it. We don’t know we’re praying to it, but we are. Sometimes, it’s not a verbal prayer, but one where we constantly pursue and find ways to lift that thing higher than life itself.

Need an example?

Relationships and the incessant need to chase them? Worship. That friend that constantly leads you astray, but you won’t let go? Worship. Chasing money with no regard as to how you get it? Your expensive style, despite the fact that you can’t afford it? That job you hate, but keep because it’s prestigious? WWE? New York Giants? Any fanatical behavior that takes over your life – that’s where you worship.

Did you know you can even worship yourself?

It’s when everything must revolve around you and no one else. It’s when you’re selfish and cannot imagine how to even start to put God first.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship. Or having friends. Or making a living. Or being wealthy. Or dressing well. Or working at a prestigious place. Or enjoying sports. Or taking care of yourself. But, when these things become an obsession and the thing that defines you, and the thing that makes you feel superior to others, they have become gods to you.

Not to mention, they will always leave you empty.  The desired attention, glory, or praise you receive from these things have an expiration date. Soon, you’ll be empty, and will feel the need to upgrade again.

God’s commandments are designed for our protection and His edification.

The golden calf, or any idol, serves a singular purpose – it satisfies a (flesh) need, but in reality, it takes our eyes off the God of all things.

So, what’s the play call?

Stop seeking the fleeting things to worship and remember the end goal is to be in God’s will.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

There are rewards for truly putting Him first, even that thing you really want.

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