July 23rd, 2024

The Power of Pornography: Guard Your Idle Time


Anyone who has gone through puberty has struggled with lust. What is lust? Sexual lust refers to moving from simply appreciating the physical beauty of another to imagining a sexual fantasy. While men and women are both guilty of lust and improper sexual thoughts towards one another, men’s struggle is often more challenging. It’s a daily battle no matter how godly or spiritual a man may be.  With that in mind, pornography is like lust on steroids.

Pornography has always existed. But it wasn’t until the mid 20th century with the introduction of magazines like Playboy and Penthouse that pornography became more pervasive in American culture. Combine that with the sexual revolution of the 60s and we see a cultural shift away from the Judeo-Christian value system towards a “new morality.” Over time, Hollywood followed with more sexually explicit films, then TV and even advertising joined in.

Today, with computers, iPads, and smartphones in the home and office, pornography has permeated every sphere of society. And, where there is increased idle or downtime, porn can easily become a person’s favorite way to pass the time.

It’s so easy; it’s just a click away – and no one has to know.

What’s the Problem with Pornography?

pornographyOver time, pornography desensitizes a man’s view of women to that of a sexual object – to be used and thrown away for another. It’s all about selfish, entitled pleasure. Yes, many will “pay themselves” with pornography after a long, hard day. But it doesn’t stop there.

Think about the incredible abuse towards children with the worldwide growth of millions of child sex slaves. Out of the billions of dollars spent in the pornography industry, 20% comes from child pornography. As David Platt has written – If you are joining the masses to demand an end to sex slavery but still engage in porn, you are one big hypocrite.

Pornographic lust is never satisfied; there’s always a desire for more. Eventually, what begins as a casual activity can turn into an inescapable addiction.

So, What’s The Play Call?

If you’re struggling with pornography and lust, confess it to God. There’s incredible freedom in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ through the cross. Pornography is a killer in marriage and in men’s relationships with women. If you’re married, confess your struggle with porn to your wife and ask for her forgiveness, help, and prayers. Seek God daily for the strength to resist this temptation.

Secret sin exposed tends to lessen in power. If you’re a teenager or single adult, find a trusted friend or safe community to hold each other accountable. Think about it.

Keiston France
A summa cum laude graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, Keiston France majored in Journalism & Mass Communication and served as the captain on the men's varsity tennis team. Keiston currently works for NASCAR as a developmental tire changer for Chip Ganassi Racing. His favorite Bible verse is 'Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.' Hebrews 1:11
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