January 26th, 2022

You’re Late, Flight Departed: How Distractions Divert Your Destiny


While walking through Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, on my way to catch my connecting flight back home, I noticed a sign at one of the gates that said, “Flight Departed.

I felt a twitch of anxiety.

I’d never seen that before. Normally when the plane leaves the gate, the closed door and empty desk are signs enough. Normally a sign for the next flight is posted. But “flight departed” was posted. Again. Anxiety.

Have you ever missed a flight? I have. It happened just once. And it was a catastrophic event. It was 4th of July weekend in 2005 and my girlfriends and I were going to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

When we arrived at the airport, we barely got to the curbside desk when we learned it was too late to board. Even if we could sprint through the concourse at Usain Bolt speed, our seats had already been given away and our bags wouldn’t be able to be checked in.

frustrationWe tried everything to get on that flight. Cussed, cried, called Corporate Offices – all for naught. The next flight out was Saturday. Goodbye Thursday festivities. Adios Friday concert. Toodles Saturday brunch.

That’s two nights we basically gave away to the hotel, additional charges for “changing” the flight, the icy coolness of my friends trying to make the best of the situation – knowing in their minds they’d killed me about fifty-eleven times.

Did I mention that it was my fault?

Yeah. I just had to have that last perfect piece to go with that outfit. Ask me what that piece was. I’ll tell you: I don’t remember. That’s how unimportant it was.

But that sign got me to thinking that that was a habit of mine – going off course to do things that had nothing to do with the purpose and plan in front of me.

Watch out for Destiny Diversions

How many times have I gotten a God-idea and then sat on it because I thought I had time – only to see it on TV or online, not nearly as fabulous as “I would have done it”?

Or, what about having an assignment in front of me and deciding to help other people get their projects together – procrastinating with self-manufactured busy-ness out of fear or laziness or (choose your favorite emotion, excuse, reasoning).

There have been things that God has told me to do, where I have dragged my feet. In hindsight, I know I have delayed what God had for me and delayed others because of my tardiness. Remember, our blessings and obedience are sometimes tied to other people’s obedience: They can’t move until you do!

Their flight? Delayed. Or worse yet, departed.

When I was moving to my new city, the Lord specifically told me to be on time. I thought it had to do with a clock and appointments. I soon learned that His instructions were for Divine appointments. I’m better at it, these days; not being led astray by things that are not a part of my assignment, both Godly and in regular life.

But I ask you today, what distraction will you eliminate to make sure you catch your flight on Air Destiny?


Ask yourself these questions and answer as though you’re talking to God who knows everything about you:

  1. What stops you from being on time? What are you afraid of? Do you really trust God enough to be obedient?
  2. What Divine appointments have (or will) you miss by occupying yourself with things that don’t matter?
  3. What has it cost you – being late for an assignment (at work, school, church)?
  4. Who else have you affected by failing to be where you were supposed to be, when you were supposed to be there?

God’s timing is perfect. But when He tells us to move, we have to be timely and move specifically according to what God is telling us to do.


Have you been late or distracted in your faith walk?
How did you get back on track?

Lisa Yvette Pearsonhttp://www.lisayvettepearson.com
Lisa Yvette Pearson is a fearfully and wonderfully made Brooklyn Girl living in a Midwestern world. She is a blogger, writer, and author of "Confessions of a Faithful Slacker" - an inspired book created to encourage believers to renew and restore their individual relationships with Jesus Christ. Follow her on Instagram or visit her blog at www.lisayvettepearson.com.
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