September 29th, 2023

40,000 Christian College Students Flood 3 Arenas to Worship Jesus Christ at Passion Conference 2016


God’s Not Dead

2016 Passion Conference. Photo credit Brook Bennett.
Passion Conference 2016. Credit Brook Bennett

If you have any doubts as to whether God is alive and still relevant to today’s young adult generation, allow Passion Conference 2016 to enlighten you with a resounding YES!

Taking place January 2-4 in the Philips Arena and the Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, 40,000+ college students from across the nation gathered in droves to worship Jesus Christ, donate to issues of social injustice, and be uplifted in their faith.

Founded in 1995 and led by Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, the Passion movement roots its faith in Isaiah 26:8 and exists to “glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer and justice for spiritual awakening in this generation.

The Christian event was not just about top ranked music artist or guest speakers – but the 18-25 year old attendees, who are typically referred to as “broke college students”, raised more than $785,000! The philanthropic spirit of the event will reach all the way to war-torn Syria to build a hospital for at-risk mothers and children, and provide socks and towels to homeless shelters throughout the local metropolitan area.

This, Team, is how you make the name of Jesus GREAT!

Want to experience Passion Conference 2017 for yourself? Pre-registration is going on now through January 15th. Don’t miss it!




Kim Brightness
As Publisher/EIC of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content on Kingdom living excellence. As an author, producer, and media buyer with over 25 years in marketing and advertising, you can always find Kim writing/editing, consulting, covering Christian events, or advocating for trauma-healing and inner beauty on her Live and Learn Show.
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