Sunday, Jul 12, 2020

Lisa Yvette Pearson

The Cure for the Lukewarm “Christian Slacker”

Out With the Old The new year is upon us and many of us have made resolutions that, unfortunately, we will break by the third week in January. It’s like we just get sidetracked and the lure of the familiar...

The Walking Dead: The Oxymoron of Born-Again Zombies

Disclaimer: I do not watch the show. Zombies are not my thing. BUT, I had a thought: Many of us who profess christ are walking around like zombies. How are we infected with this zombie condition? I’m glad you asked. We are bombarded with...

The Valley of the Shadow of Petty: Haterade is Not of God

Are You Team Petty? There’s nothing new under the sun. Team Petty has been around since biblical times. When David said, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,” he was talking about King Petty himself, King...

4 Ways to Extinguish Sin Before It Consumes You

Backdraft I saw this movie once when I was in high school. It was about these fires that were seemingly small, but once a window or door was opened and oxygen was allowed in, the fire would roar to life,...

Help or Hindrance: Why You Should Stop Going to THAT Church, Part 2

Just so we’re clear – I’m not telling you to stop going to church. I’m saying it may be time to stop going to THAT particular church. So last time, we discussed the growth aspects of leaving a particular church....

Help or Hindrance: Why You Should Stop Going to THAT Church, Part 1

Before I begin… Let us not be gold medal Olympians in jumping to the wrong conclusion. I am not telling anyone not to go to church. I AM saying that where you worship could be a barrier that stops you from having...

He Got Game: Why We Can’t Run Game on God

For Real? My niece has a thing she says when she gets busted telling stories. She doesn’t say it, she actually hollers, “For real! I’m not kidding! We never tell her that we know she says that when she’s telling stories. So...

You’re Late, Flight Departed: How Distractions Divert Your Destiny

While walking through Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, on my way to catch my connecting flight back home, I noticed a sign at one of the gates that said, "Flight Departed." I felt a twitch of anxiety. I’d never seen that before....

Is There a Heaven for a Gangster, or You?

“…At one time you all had your backs turned to God, thinking rebellious thoughts of him, giving him trouble every chance you got. But now, by giving himself completely at the Cross, actually dying for you, Christ brought you...

Where’s Your Focus: The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

Normally, on Wednesdays, I choose a topic related to whatever I need help with, find 3-4 scriptures pertaining to it, and then make it my meditation for the day. I set my alarm for every hour depending on what time...

About Me

Lisa Yvette Pearson is a fearfully and wonderfully made Brooklyn Girl living in a Midwestern world. She is a blogger, writer, and author of "Confessions of a Faithful Slacker" - an inspired book created to encourage believers to renew and restore their individual relationships with Jesus Christ. Follow her on Instagram or visit her blog at
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Follow God Not Man to Avoid Unexpected Delays

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There Are No Spiritual Growth Hacks, We’ve Got to Train

Spiritual growth takes consistent time, effort, and consistency. There are no growth hacks on Team Jesus, so keep striving and working out your salvation.

When God Asks You to Pray for Difficult People

As followers of Christ, we are called to pray for our enemies and difficult people. What does a prayer for an enemy look like? Let's see.