December 1st, 2022

Creative Christians: Honorable Ways to Use Your Creativity to Glorify God


Look at You Over There – all Creative and Christian!

creative christianaYep, I said it and I am talking to you. You are that woman who digs deep into her spirit and pulls out some of the most creative and unique designs one could ever think of. You are an artist by design, God’s design. You are that guy that can hear trap music and somehow weave the lyrics from “Amazing Grace” between the beats and bars where the words to hip hop words once resided.  

You there – the sculptor with hands of grace, allowing your creative juices to simply flow like the Red Sea. You have been blessed to manifest God’s words through your fingertips resulting in creations that only He could have inspired.

The Creative Offspring of the Most High

Perhaps you do not see your gifts as a means to praise God and win unbelievers to Christ,  but indeed they are just that. I have had people tell me often, “You are so creative, goodness, I wish I were.” The truth of the matter is, we all are creative.

Never forget who our Father is. He has blessed us with unlimited, creative gifts for a reason. Our Bible teaches us that in the beginning, there was only God (Genesis 1:1) and by merely speaking, the world was created. Like a sculptor, He formed and molded man from the dust of the earth. Our God is Awesome, isn’t He?

His miraculous hands designed and created the woman from Adam’s rib (Genesis 2:2) and blessed him with a life mate. This is some of many creative acts of God, and they are nothing less than spectacular. The intricate detail He puts into forming the raindrops, star-stained nights, and the uniqueness that is molded into each of us are examples of how very artistic God is. We are created in the image of God and this is where our creativity comes from.

Everything created by God equates to “reasons” and “purpose”. When God began the creative process, there was no foundation or canvas, no guidelines or directions, and no motivation from others to build from. When God spoke, the world began! It appeared at His command (Psalm 33:9) and the world and everything in it came to be.

God is Intentional About Creativity

creative christianDo you get it? Your creativity is not something that just happened – it is all a part of God’s creation of who you are as an individual. The seed was planted when your mother and father conceived you. It is through our works that we are intimately and uniquely connected to God, and everything that we do is done uniquely and creatively.

Let’s admit it, we are often mesmerized by the beauty of the world, colorful handmade sculptures, paintings, literature such as poetry, and musical sounds that flow around us. God gives us the inspiration to keep our creative juices flowing. 

Creativity Tears Down Walls.

For those who build walls around their hearts as a means to avoid God’s Word, creativity and art have a way of breaking walls so that God can flow like a river.

Consider C.S. Lewis’ written art, The Chronicles of Narnia. It pulls together a unique and creative storyline that shines an imminent light on Christ to those who are not familiar with Him. Readers and viewers are pulled in to the message through this strategically creative storyline. It gently opens the hearts and minds to receive God.

Creativity is Worship.

creative christianLet’s consider how we can express our love for God, knowing that creativity is a way to express our worship. Our inventiveness can also help us bring unbelievers to the Kingdom of God.

For instance, think about singer Deitrick Haddon’s song “Glory”. The song is very upbeat and reminds me of an old school jam by Mtume (one of those songs that they played in the juke joint in the 1980’s), but the words are praising God, telling a story of how our glory and honor belongs to God.

In the video, Deitrick and his backup singers are seen dancing and having a celebratory and spirit-filled time praising God. Now, I will be honest, this is not the kind of music that I remember as a young girl. Mind you, I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and could not begin to relate what the response would have been to it back then. But, it certainly is a song that many of us can relate to today. This is another example of God’s gift of creativity in the name of Praise and Worship.

The Bible teaches us that whatever we do, we should do it all for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). That means – paint for God’s glory. Sing for God’s Glory. Write for God’s Glory. Create for God’s glory. Dance for God’s glory. In doing so, you are opening the eyes, hearts, minds, and spirits of those around you to God and His plan for their lives.


Use your creative works to praise God and bring unbelievers to know His Word.

If you are a singer, share your gift because it is a direct reflection of our God. If you are a sculptor, use your creative hands to sculpt art with God in mind, knowing that you can make anything because our Father made all of creation with words and nothing more. If you are a writer, create and share your best literary works and cover it with God. Use that creativity to bring the world to His feet and give Him the highest praise. 

Break those roadblocks, doubts, misconceptions, and fears, and use your gift of C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y for Kingdom work to cultivate change.

Sonya McKinzie
Sonya is a Christian, mom, second-generation domestic violence survivor, victims' advocate, survivors' coach and the founder of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Inc. She is an author of nine books, the creator of The Blogging ThriveHer™, and enjoys sharing the Word of Jesus Christ with the world.


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2 years ago

Thank you so much for this. I write, make art, sew , cool and I love photography also. I’ve been wondering how I can use my writing and art to glorify God and this post just help me see things more clearer. New subscriber.
Ekab from Nigeria .

Cheryl Kirk
Cheryl Kirk
11 months ago

I can’t draw but I can paint with oils. Because I have to copy someone else’s work Im not sure how to glorify God in it except to thank God for giving me the ability to paint well. How I wish I could create pictures of my own .Cheryl

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