Jesus is the Calm for Every Emotional Rollercoaster

Life is Filled With Ups and Downs

emotional rollercoasterEvery single person on this planet has experienced a time of being “down,” sad, broken or just plain “out of it.”

If you say you haven’t, please drop your secret below! Lol

Emotions are a part of being human, and we experience good ones as well as bad ones throughout our lives.

Teammates, the good news is that Jesus Christ is our balance, He’s our Coach, He’s our Guide, He is our Light, and He is our Comfort!

Yes, emotions are fleeting and they come as well as go, but with Christ, we can live stable lives!

Even in our most difficult times, He is there ready to provide peace, love, and hope!

Recently, I experienced a devastating miscarriage and the pain and hurt during that time was HEAVY. But God! He sent so much peace and love in that season, it blanketed me! I felt a myriad of emotions, of course…..BUT I allowed myself to draw from His strength and not rely on my own!

So, what’s the play call?

Allow yourself to be encouraged, even in sorrow! Be engulfed in courage, let and allow yourself to be IN courage!

Be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

Be strong! All of your help and strength is found in Him and in His joy!

Take your dose of courage daily from the playbook and through prayer. It’s yours, it’s your inheritance.

Wait in expectancy, similar to a pregnant woman. She knows her baby/manifestation is coming. It’s evident in her walk, her appetite, her cravings and in her consumption.

Don’t back up from God’s courage, nor His will; He desires His best for you.

Use wisdom, wait, allow Him to fight the battles; the war is already won! His strength is perfect even when our emotions are going crazy and our strength is gone. Whatever YOU need, God’s got it! Just ask Him.

Much Love,
Drea Frost

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