Stand Up, Champion!

KB‘s latest song, “Long Live the Champion“, is a hard-hitting anthem infused with Latin flavor for those who feel forgotten or people who are marginalized by today’s society. The message in these bars are undeniably real and true:

“How you love a country’s food more than its people?”

“Yes, I love the Kingdom more than I love my nation.”

“Yes, I love my neighbor more than I love this paper.”

In his own words,

Long Live the Champion is a song that celebrates the resilience and courage of those in the struggle. It’s a resistance to devaluing those who hail from the “south side,” the global south & places often forgotten, but instead pledging our love, support, and partnership to their freedom.  “Arriba Campeón” which means “stand up champion” is the heart of God towards all those who are vulnerable. You are not forgotten, you are victorious in Him.”

Team, be sure to add this single to your summer playlist and check out KB’s tour schedule to a city near you.

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