It’s a New Season!

seasons changeThough September 23rd marks the official first day of fall, I did not need a calendar to recognize the changing of the seasons.  Everything in creation gloriously points to this transition!  From the crisp coolness of the early morning air to the return of pumpkin spice lattes, it is with open arms I welcome my absolute favorite season of the year!

Seasons change and the signs of fall are all around. On Instagram, my sister posted a picture of a caterpillar on a leaf. The leaf was dark brown and drying around its edges.  Veins of the leaf that were once vibrant green had turned dull. Traces of yellow and hints of muted red indicated the change within the fallen foliage. The transformation was noticeable in the leaf, but when I saw the caterpillar it made me ask the question:

Did this caterpillar miss his season?

In a strange way, I found myself feeling sorry for the tiny creature. Here it is almost October and he’s still inching along on the sidewalk with no wings.

As the day wore on, I found myself thinking about the caption she wrote under the photo:

Don’t die as a caterpillar; don’t give up before you experience those beautiful wings inside of you.

Being the nosey person I am, I had to do some research! My questions did not stop.

Why exactly are there still caterpillars on the ground this late in the year?

Why didn’t this one, like the others I’d seen months earlier, fly during the warm days of summer?

God’s Personal Development Plans Are Unique to You

In my research, I discovered that there are literally thousands of different species of caterpillars in the world. There are caterpillars of all colors ranging from blue to yellow, red to gray, and all hues in between. Their bodies can be camouflaged, spotted, or striped. Some have dense hairs to cover their bodies, others have none.

Given this vast array, the life cycle of any given caterpillar varies considerably. This means that their rates of growth, development, and maturity are not all the same. Their life expectancies and individual life courses were uniquely their own.

My investigation made clear to me that the caterpillar has to go through the natural progression of life. Its journey was unfolding daily towards his next phase of life depending on its own species. Intuitively, I knew that the caterpillar would eventually make the change, but my pity was misplaced because I did not recognize what season the caterpillar was in. I’d based my judgment on the journey of a totally different species.

It is in this same way that we can misjudge our own seasons in our walk with Christ.  We see others making progress.  We notice their “wings” from afar and we may look at ourselves and silently compare our journey with theirs. While we can be encouraged by their progress and can applaud their success, we should feel free to celebrate their wins knowing that our time to soar is ahead.

Every Season is Different, But Purposed


Each of our life journeys is unique. Our life process may not be the same as others. We should rejoice because God has a special path for each of us.  His purpose in our lives is revealed in HIS time!

May I encourage you to not allow the enemy to steal your joy? Identifying the season you are in will encourage you to stay the course!

Perhaps you may find yourself in one of the following 3 seasons:

Waiting Season 

In this season, you are praying and asking God for His guidance. While you are in this season, I’d like to encourage you to not just sit around.  This wait requires that you serve! Service opens the door for you to be used in a greater capacity. Waiting on God means that you are being of service to Him and his people. You will not be weary in the time of waiting if you are in action.

While you are in this season, commit yourself to serve!

Writing Season

Habakkuk 2:2 instructs us to write the vision.  This is the season to write down the things that God is speaking to your spirit.  It is in the writing of the vision that we gain the clarity we need.  In this season, you can ask God for direction on how to carry out what He has called you to do. Taking the idea out of your mind and putting it down on paper is an act of obedience to God’s word.

As we obey His Word, we are aligning ourselves for His best.

Working Season 

In this season, you are actively walking towards what God has revealed to you in prayer. You are moving in obedience and following his direction.  You are being used by God to advance His Kingdom and bring Him glory. This season gives you the opportunity to do what God has called you to do, and you are finding fulfillment in His purpose for you.

So, what’s the play call? 

As you are waiting for your own wings and your season to soar, here are some things you can do:

  • Work out any issues of unforgiveness that may be in your heart.
  • Work on yourself by pursuing your own personal growth and development.
  • Eliminate laziness and procrastination by taking small steps of action toward your goals daily.
  • Wipe up the spilled milk of your disappointments and allow God to heal you.
  • Wipe off your missed goals and dreams and refocus on winning.
  • Wipeout any sins by humbling yourself and committing your heart to repentance.
  • Worship is always acceptable in any season; this is the key to being refueled and refreshed.
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LaShawn Feimster
LaShawn Feimster
1 year ago

Wow! Lamica this was a very great article for any season!!!! Super blessed by the Play call.