Team Jesus Magazine Writer Spotlight: Meet Tamsyn from South Africa

Get up close and personal with the writers of Team Jesus Magazine.

Teammate Tamsyn Cornelius: Creator of Beautiful Words and Things

We have read their words of encouragement and inspiration week in and week out here in Team Jesus Magazine. Now, let’s take an intimate look into the lives of some amazing writers who love Jesus and love to serve His Team with the power of words.

tamsyn cornelius1. Tamsyn, how did you come to write for Team Jesus Magazine, how long, and why was it important for you to share with Team Jesus?

I started writing for Team Jesus Magazine about six months ago after finding the publication online and being captivated by the content. As a writer and believer, I felt a strong call to get involved and write for TJM. I have since written a few articles on marriage, relationships, growth, and prophetic identity. I believe that there is power in the written word to convict hearts and bring about transformation through Jesus. I am ever so pleased to be a small part of this process through the work of TJM.

2. When you’re not writing for TJM, what are your hobbies or passions?

I am a full-time freelance writer at and most of my day is filled with writing for various online and print publications and blogs. However, as a mom and wife, my first priority is family and I am often found doing school runs, cheering on the sidelines of a hockey field or being active in my local church in Cape Town, South Africa. My other passions include painting, travel, and ministry.

3. Has God done anything miraculous in your life? Tell us your testimony.

As a toddler, I contracted pneumonia and croup and was hospitalized. Instead of a quick recovery in the hospital, I became deadly ill to the point where my heart actually stopped and it took a team of doctors to resuscitate me. I was also given an emergency tracheotomy so that I could breathe and essentially live.
I don’t remember this period, as I was very young, but I am constantly reminded that the Lord saved me that day and that He had a significant plan for my life. At the age of 10, I decided to commit my life to Jesus and I have lived my life that way ever since. I know that I would not be alive today if it were not for Him!

4. Tell us about your background and family?

tamsyn corneliusI have always known that I wanted to be a writer. After graduating from The University of Cape Town with a B.A in Media Studies & English, I pursued a corporate career as a magazine editor. After my firstborn arrived in 2012, I decided to take the leap and become a ‘stay at home mom’ which has since developed into a ‘work from home mom’ as I now run a freelance writing business from home and get to work with some amazing clients from around the globe.
I am married to Angus who is an accountant and an amazing go-getter; a natural leader and take charge type of guy who is completely sold out for God. Together we have two kids, a girl, and a boy, and we live in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, where we have lived for our whole lives. We do travel quite a bit and have been to places such as Istanbul, Athens, London, New York, etc., but there is certainly nothing quite like coming back home to the tip of Africa.

5. Do you have a fun fact, embarrassing moment, or “opportunity for growth” you’d like to share?

Fun fact – my mind is constantly overflowing with creative ideas and I am always eager to try new crafts. I have done art lessons, sewing lessons, mosaic, painting, scrapbooking, DIY and more. I am currently trying to process the idea of a launching a series of prophetic paint evenings… watch this space! My office is overflowing with paper, paints, fabrics and more – all the time!
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