‘For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds‘, declares the LORD. Jeremiah 30:17

Freedom Begins for #YouToo

There comes a time when every grain of sand hits the bottom of the hourglass signifying “time’s up!”

What many fail to realize, while they’re smack dab in the throes of pain, heartache, depression, or painful memories they can’t seem to shake is this: There’s an appointed hourglass (time) with your pain on it, that signifies when the bondage ends, and your NEW journey to healing begins.

For me, I ran out of time on January 11, 2005.

Right there. A grown woman. Locked in the bathroom, scrunched down on the floor – my spirit AUDIBLY heard God whisper, “It’s time for you to heal.”

At first, I pretended, “Umm, from what?” But deep down inside, I knew exactly what God was talking about.

You see, for 30 years, I’d been trapped in my #MeToo experience – snatched by 2 white teens at knifepoint and molested. What does a 5-year-old girl from the ‘hood do with an experience like that?

Well, this particular 5-year-old girl had severe issues of trust, fear of abandonment, insecurities, people-pleasing, promiscuity, and other issues. But oddly enough, she was able to mask her pain with academic achievement, material success, and a form of got-it-going-on.

But, here’s where God’s nature and His grace come in. God does not subscribe to partial freedom, a form of freedom, nor the look of freedom.  When God sets you free – you are free indeed! (John 8:36)

Healing is Available to #YouToo!

#youtooGod invites you today to heal and break every #MeToo chain that’s holding you back.

Now, be honest. Does that scare you?

Have you been holding on to that painful experience for so long that it’s become a part of you – your personality, your decision-making, your character?

Does the thought of waking up without anger, bitterness, pain seem impossible – or worse yet, like you’d be letting the one(s) off scott-free who hurt you?

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’re reading God His rights (in your head, of course, lol):

But God, I know these chains – we go wayyy back. If I accept your invitation, then I’d have to face what I’ve buried. Do you know, God, how long it took for me to fix my mask juusst right, so that no one could see the damage done to me? Have you any idea, God, the years it took for me to drench myself with fragrant success so no one could smell the stench of those dirty white boys on me? What about my family and friends – what if they don’t believe me, dismiss me, ostracize me? And how long, God, is this ‘healing business’ gonna take? – ain’t nobody got time for this foolishness!”

Fortunately, after clinical depression and failed suicide plans – I finally came to my senses and was able to waive the white flag. It was (way past) time.

Surrender Your Healing to God’s Loving Hands


While I’ll be the first one to admit that healing takes work, commitment, and consistency (4 years for me) – I can tell you straight up that not one day of the journey was spent without God’s consistent love and care.

Let’s keep this healing thing real – it may not be a bed of roses, you may encounter regret that you even said “OK, God, let’s do it.’ But, I guarantee you if you stick with God and surrender every emotion, memory, pain, nightmare, tear to Him – He will deliver on His promise to heal you!

Accept God’s Invitation to the #YouToo Club

If you’re ready to heal, or if you need a little help to accept God’s whosoever will invitation for healing from #MeToo, give this a try:

1. Acknowledge That You’re Sick.

No one will ever seek a physician until they’re able to admit that they’re sick. Be honest with yourself and don’t hide behind “I’m over it, that was in the past, it doesn’t bother me anymore…”  Healing begins with truth. And, as long as we feed off the lies we tell ourselves, we will always live a mal-nourished, anorexic life with no real substance. God has greater plans for you than that (Jeremiah 29:11).

Note: If you’re reading this and have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, pray a personal prayer of salvation (see example at the end) and connect with a Bible-believing fellowship to strengthen your new life in Christ!

2. Know the Source of Your Complete Healing is God.

Begin your healing journey with the WIN in mind. But, not just the win – but the source of your triumph – God. It is God who will cause you to triumph on this road to freedom – not by your own might, power, or strength (2 Corinthians 2:14, Zechariah 4:6). When your focus is on God, with His voice leading the way – the distracting winds and waves will not drown you while you’re en route to your freedom.

3. Find a Prayerful Support Partner

You may begin your journey with just you and Jesus – for privacy concerns or personal choice. However, as you press towards the mark of healing and freedom, consider a praying sister or brother in Christ to cover you in prayer. You don’t have to tell him or her everything (and if they require full disclosure, they’re not the one), but to be able to drop a hint to someone who responds, “Don’t worry sister/brother – I got you!” is tremendously helpful on your worse (or even best) days.

4. Consider Help from a Counselor.

Depending on the person, your healing journey will likely call for some reinforcement. I highly recommend Christ-centered counseling. Though some in the “church” may feel that all you need to do is “pray the pain away”, that may not be the solution for everyone.

There’s no guilt or shame in taking Jesus AND your prayers to counseling with you. Before searching or settling on a mental health professional, ask God to guide you to the right person who not only has the training and certifications – but also the temperament, personality, and style that you’d be comfortable with.

5. Know that Only Good Comes from Healing

I get it. No one likes the process of having a bad tooth pulled – but after that rotten tooth is gone, hallelujah!

So, whatever the language of your #MeToo – healing from rape, incest, molestation, improper touching, sexual assault, inappropriate sexual behavior – know that only good will come from your healing journey. The freedom is worth the process. Sure, you may have no experience with this freedom yet, you may have no idea of the magnitude of its impact on you, but trust that God will not disappoint you. It’s so worth it.

So, What’s the Play Call?

With every stripe borne by Jesus Christ, you are healed (Isaiah 53:5).

Yes, it is amazing that so many women and men have come forward and acknowledge their #Metoo experience. In the body of Christ, on Team Jesus, that’s gratefully not where the story ends. Every person who has a #MeToo testimony can also experience the testimony of a loving God who heals and restores all through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Team, God is calling us higher, and we can’t go higher, achieve more, walk in purpose, execute God’s vision – if we are bogged down with pain, depression, and hopelessness. Rejecting God’s invitation to healing only serves the enemy – because he knows you’ll never be as great a threat to him while in bondage. So, pursue your freedom!

The number “1” is the number of beginnings. I pray you’ll find the strength and courage to realize your own January 11 (1/11) – where you begin the process of healing, and eventually reach the finish line to tell others that #YouToo can heal from your #MeToo experience.

Come forth, daughter! Come forth, son! It’s time for you to heal.

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