Train Up a Child: Team Jesus Locker Room Chat with Momager, Dannella Lane

Welcome to Our New Column, Train Up a Child

Teammates! Christian parents are asking more often, “How in the world do you raise God-fearing kids in today’s society?”

Well, today begins the official launch of our newest column, “Train Up a Child“, where we hope to answer this question and equip Christian parents with biblical, practical, relevant, and action-based guidance to help you on your parenting journey.

Make Jesus Famous: A Family Affair with Dannella Lane

We’re excited to kick things off with Momager extraordinaire, Dannella Lane, Mom x 4 and Brand Manager of Dani and Dannah, her two viral child stars who rep Team Jesus in everything they do! Listen in as she shares her parenting experience and nuggets of wisdom!

And, don’t forget to follow Dani and Dannah EVERYWHERE for Scripture Timeeeee and check out their Call Jesus video!




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