Join Gospel Rapper Zion AKA 7 and Give God Your “Whole Life”

zion aka 7 gospel rapperZion aka 7 is a West Philadelphia native known as the voice of today’s generation. Since her first album entitled Legacy, she has embodied her purpose and embraced the call on her life as a prophetic voice and mouthpiece for Jesus. With her light style and charisma, she has grabbed the attention of the music and television industry with hit songs like Love featuring Vivian Green, Whole Life featuring Luke G., and Anotha Way featuring Adonica.

But, what WE LOVE about Zion AKA 7 is that she is on fire for Jesus Christ and has a heart for Kingdom purpose and winning souls.

zion aka 7 whole life

We caught up with Zion for a candid discussion on music, reaching the youth for Christ, the best safe sex, the importance of humility, and more!

Listen in and support Zion AKA 7, and young soldier on the move for God!

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