4 Lessons on Personal Growth We Can Learn From Saul

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My daily Bible reading has me in 1 Samuel where I’m learning about the beginning of Saul’s kingship. I have to admit, I’m tripping a little bit because although these stories are familiar, I never realized that this was the Saul – David & Goliath’s Saul. Don’t mind me. I’m just over here learning new things!

Speaking of learning new things…there are a few lessons on personal growth from Saul that I’d like to share with you (reference 1 Samuel 10):

1. “At that very moment, God transformed him – made him a new person!”

The older we get, the more panicked we can become when we think about how many years we have left and how many years we’ve wasted. Don’t become so logical that you forget who your God is. He is able to change our lives in a moment. And, more times than not, we have been equipped to change our lives in 6 months to a year if we live as He has instructed. To become a new person, you have to do new things.

2. “Saul among the prophets! Who would have guessed?!”

So, people doubted Saul. What’s new? The people you’ve known the longest will always have the hardest time accepting the “new” you. It’s not something we should harp on. It’s just human nature. But, people who live according to the Word should know that God is always doing a new thing and rejoice when someone is transformed and begins walking out their calling.

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of things because you can’t get over how the girl who kissed your 7th grade boyfriend is now a marriage counselor. Jesus couldn’t do any miracles in Nazareth because the people couldn’t get over who they knew Him as. If God sent your 5th-grade enemy to bless you, would you miss it?

3. But Saul didn’t breathe a word to his uncle of what Samuel said about this king business.

If I was anointed queen, my very first order of business is to do a photoshoot for FB! Just kidding. But, seriously, sometimes we just have to keep our great news to ourselves. Sometimes we feel we can’t share our triumphs because someone is plotting to hate on us. But, since the Bible didn’t say anything about why Saul kept the news to himself, let’s look at what we do know.

We know that Saul was found hiding when Samuel announced him as King. We also know that Saul didn’t scoff at the notion of being King. So, maybe not sharing with his uncle said more about Saul than it did his uncle.

Saul seemed to live by the principles of humility found in Luke 14:7-11.

4. Saul also went home to Gibeah, and with him some true and brave men whom God moved to join him.

I shared in my last article that God will send you help. So many people are tapping into their calling and it’s beautiful! But, I see a lot of people becoming burnt out and contemplating giving up because they feel defeated and in over their heads going at it alone.

Keep going. Just like God has called you to this grand vision, He has called others to help you grow it! God will move people to join you.

So, what’s the play call?

The Bible is a book of instruction. Don’t just read it to check it off your to-do list. Read it with curiosity and wonder. Insert yourself into the main character’s shoes or pretend you’re in the audience watching it all play out.

When you read a story, pause when things don’t make sense. Laugh when it all seems a bit ridiculous. Shudder at God’s wrath. He is sharing a piece of Himself with you that can help you right where you are. Look deeper and still, deeper. Then, adjust your life accordingly. When we begin to operate as God has instructed us, our lives can change in an instant.


Yes! I need prayer to help me with this play call.

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