Prayer is one of our most important tools, yet it is often underrated and overlooked. Typically, if we think a tool is too hard – we’ll rarely use it.

But, God wants His people to be well-equipped with prayer, and to understand just how powerful and effective prayer is (James 5:16).

Have you ever noticed that after Paul describes the whole armor of God, he immediately emphasizes the importance of prayer – “praying always with all prayer and supplication” (Ephesians 6:17-18)?

Or, how about the play call to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)?

It’s pretty safe to say that prayer is a must-do for believers!

While some may have a jaded view of prayer, are unsure of how to pray, or use prayer in inappropriate ways, God desires for us to grow closer to Him through prayer – without all of the complications and myths about prayer.

So, here are a few prayer myths that we, along with our prayer partners, Our Prayer, would like to BUST for good.

5 Prayer Myths Busted

1. Prayer is a one-way communication method to God.

Fathers who desire a close relationship with their children communicate with them. “Buy me this, do that for me” will never be the extent of communication between a good father and his child. Neither would this one-way communication be the end all between us and our good, good, Father!

While it is true that the Bible encourages us to “make our requests known” and “ask”, the communication with God doesn’t stop there. In our thankful silence or meditation on God’s goodness, His still small voice will speak back to our hearts. So after your petitions, keep your line of communication open, just as God does for us.

2. The more eloquent the prayer, the better.

Have you ever heard someone pray, and thought, “I wish I could pray like that”? Some prayers flow so eloquently – surely they reach heaven faster, right? Wrong!

Our Father encourages us to come to Him as little children (Luke 18:16-17). Children have little to no respect for pretense – they say what’s on their mind! God wants to communicate with you just how you speak, just how you feel – no fancy dictionary words required. He hears all of His children (1 John 5:15), without comparison or respect of person.

3. People can pray against you (and vice versa).

Have you ever heard or said, “They were praying against me”, or “I prayed against them”? Well, Team, this is an example of an inappropriate use of prayer for selfish motives (James 4:3).

First, God is love, who cannot be tempted with nor do wrong (James 1:13). Second, God is not our genie, waiting to do our bidding upon command. There is no trading places – we are the creation, God is Creator.

We answer to Him, and God has not instructed us to pray against people – but to love and pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44).  Let this be your response, “Yes, Lord, not my will but Yours be done.”

To round out our 5 prayer mythbusters, check out 2 additional myths about prayer in the video above.

What are some other prayer myths you’ve heard of,
and how did you bust them?


Yes! I would like prayer. Please pray for me.

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