Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021


5 Prayer Myths — Busted!

Prayer is one of our most important tools, yet it is often underrated and overlooked. Typically, if we think a tool is too hard - we’ll rarely use it. But, God wants His people to be well-equipped with prayer, and...

Prayer Tip Tuesday: Declare the Word

Team! Check out this month's prayer tip from our friends at OurPrayer. There is freedom in prayer; all you have to do is declare the Word. Here's how!

BREAKING: Guideposts’ OurPrayer and Team Jesus Magazine Announce Strategic Partnership

Welcome to the Team, OurPrayer Community! It is with great excitement today that we announce our strategic partnership with Guideposts-OurPrayer! For over 60 years, caring individuals in the OurPrayer community have volunteered their time to support those in need – offering...
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Your Gifts and Talents Aren’t Like Theirs, and It’s OK

When we focus on the gifts and talents of others, we forget how important our own gifts are to God and that He wants us to use them.
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