Dear Team Jesus,

I was sitting eagerly in the room at my OB/GYN office awaiting the results of some tests I had taken. The doctor called my husband and me in and said that based on the tests results, I had a slim chance to none of ever becoming pregnant.

I had a condition called hydrosalpinx; surgery was an option, but there were no guarantees of its success.

To say the least, I was devastated after hearing the report. My husband looked at me and said: “Whose report will you believe?” (Isaiah 53:1) In all honesty, I didn’t want to hear anything. My mind was bombarded with feelings of doubt, confusion, and hurt. I knew that I should have faith, but gut-wrenching fear and doubt controlled me.

After about two weeks of weeping and feeling sorry for myself, my husband sat me down and we had a heartfelt discussion. The one statement that awakened me during our dialogue was,

God responds to faith, not tears.

That discussion was tough, but my eyes were opened and I realized that being depressed and crying wasn’t helping my situation. I got up and began doing extensive research on my diagnosis, and natural ways to cure it. During my process of healing, prayer became my outlet and faith scriptures became my assurance, my hope.

Those months of taking herbal medicine, prayer, and declaration of scripture were not uncomplicated. There were days of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. Questions from family and close friends asking “when are you going to have a baby?” Through it all, many times holding back tears, I would answer “soon”.

That period of believing felt like years, the many negative tests and monthly cycles were torture. But, I believed God through my hurt, disappointments and tears!

Then it happened!

July of that year, I conceived. I was ecstatic! We were so excited – and then I had a miscarriage. But, I was still hopeful because God had proven the doctors wrong.

I was stronger in my faith and I had NO doubt that I would conceive again and bring forth a healthy, whole child.

Two weeks after my miscarriage, I was pregnant again! God is God of the impossible! The doctors could not believe that I was pregnant again, it was a miracle!

I had a smooth pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. My faith gave birth and I conceived my miracle!

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4 years ago

Look at God! Ain’t he awesome! Nothing is impossible.

Alot of times we would say, I want faith like Job or other biblical characters, but there are faith walkers right in our midst who we can say to God, if you did it for them you can do it for me.

Powerful Testimony