Freedom From Addiction and the Sweet Aroma of Darkness

Addicted to Darkness

There are times I look back on my life and experience deep guilt and regret. Then, there are times I think about how blessed I am. What is the reason for these multi-faceted emotions you ask?

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Chet Bergeron and I have used almost every drug and have been to some very dark places physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I know what it is like to sleep on floors and stay up for 4-5 nights a week. I know what it is like to loathe the thought of birds chirping at 4am. I hated birds because it meant that the sun was coming out.

I was addicted to darkness (Act 26:18). I was passionate about evil. Some may say I sold my soul to satan. Well, I may have.

I sought everything imaginable to fill the massive hole in my heart. I spent money and stole property to accomplish this task.

The sweet aroma of darkness – how luring it was! How enticing it can be. There is a problem with the darkness though: It never worked for me.

The further I went into darkness, the more I craved it. Living in darkness felt like I was stuck in quicksand.

I thought darkness was the answer because I would experience temporary satisfaction.

I thought that I would die seeking and searching for peace.

The Sweetness of Jesus Christ is Greater

You see, teammate, I thought I found the answer. The reality is this: The answer found me. His name is Jesus. Jesus rocked my world and made me into a new creation.

I remember the night I accepted Jesus. I called out to Him and asked His forgiveness – immediately He told me I would preach His Gospel to the world.

I barely graduated high school and couldn’t type up an essay without getting red marks all over the sheet. Nor could I speak in front of people without crippling fear and doubt.

Something happened to me that day. Grace was freely given to me. Have you accepted that same grace in your life?

Life can be trying. This is why we need a firm foundation in our life to stay strong in the storms.

Rest, rest, rest, in God’s grace and mercy (Psalm 23:6). Yes, you mess up. Yes, you will mess up again; however, allow God’s grace to pull you out of darkness. Allow God’s grace to give you a fresh perspective and a new inner being!

So, What’s the Play Call?

  1. Confess the darkness to God and a trusted mentor.
  2. Trust in Jesus for all your fears and doubts.
  3. Follow Jesus, don’t just believe.
  4. Tell someone else how Jesus saved you!

I pray you, too, experience God’s grace in your life today. I am here alongside you experiencing the same things, and I am so excited to share this message with you, teammate.


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