November 28th, 2022

Black Panther Lesson 2: Spiritual Colonizers, Their Roles and Tactics


Once a Thief and a Liar…

Always a thief and a liar.

They arrive without warning or invitation.

Many come bearing the promise of a partnership for a better life, that is, after creating the false reality of lack that only they can satisfy. Others dangle bright, shiny objects that appeal to our own hidden, unfulfilled desires. A thirst we hastily justify as deserving to be quenched.

But, after many broken promises and failed treaties, we realize their true intent: 1) complete domination of resources by force – by death – if necessary, and 2) the annihilation of destiny and purpose.

Who are these dastardly characters?

Colonizers. Those who seek to inhabit, exploit, and devour nations, resources, territories for their own good pleasure.

While the blockbuster movie, Black Panther, highlights the utopia of the fictional Wakanda – a glimpse of what African countries could have been if untouched by colonialism, there is an interesting parallel for the Body of Christ to consider: the role and impact of spiritual colonizers.

Let’s take a look at spiritual colonizers and what they’re after…

The Fury of a Devil Scorned

Team, our adversary, the devil, roams this earth seeking whom he may devour. He and his evil band of spiritual colonizers want nothing more than to inhabit, influence, and rob Believers of their treasure.

We’ve talked about the devil’s scorn before. See how scorn plays a role in the heart of colonizers? “Why do they have that, and we don’t?” “They are worthless, beneath us – we are supreme!”

See, the enemy was supreme at one point – the chief musician in heaven with direct access to the throne of God (Ezekiel 28:14). Now, humanity (you and I), has replaced the fallen angels as the cherished ones of God, crowned with glory and honor (Hebrews 2:7). We can now go boldly before the throne of God, the enemy’s former abode, to find grace, love, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. The devil and his angels cannot, and they will never have that chance again.

So, when you mix scorn with a dash of envy, bitterness, and hate, you have the perfect recipe for the justification of destruction.

Here’s a glimpse at the mindset of the devil and his spiritual colonizers: “We will forever take pleasure to destroy you, Man, and all of your descendants, so that none of you will realize your treasure, your purpose, and inherit OUR place in heaven.”

What is the treasure that spiritual colonizers are after?

this treasure in earthen vesselsThis Treasure in Earthen Vessels

2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us that we, Team Jesus, “…have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” The most incredible power in the universe, sourced from the Creator himself, lies within us – his holy nation (1 Peter 2:9).

What is “this treasure…”,  “the power”? What is the “vibranium” of our faith?

It is the light of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4, 6). This glorious gospel is the good news that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and was raised on the third day (1 Corinthians 15:1-5). It embodies the very power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16), and, when used as directed by the Spirit, it represents a formidable weapon with which we resist spiritual colonization and defeat the enemy.

An enemy who flees from you can never colonize you (James 4:7).

The Roles and Tactics of Spiritual Colonziers

Team, the enemy is well aware that not all tactics work for all people. What may destroy you, another teammate may have a strong enough defense against that weapon.

But, let’s be very clear. Every tactic of the spiritual colonizers is an attempt to pervert and pillage our treasure – the good news of Jesus Christ – He being the Word of God from the beginning of time (John 1:1). If God says something is good, the enemy will try to convince us that it’s bad. If God says “do it this way”, spiritual colonizers will infect us with reasons as to how God is wrong, unfair, unjust, etc.

Here are just 3 of the spiritual colonizers’ favorite weapons (list tactics that come to your mind in the comments section):


The spirit of fear does not come from God (2 Timothy 1:7) – it is a weapon of the enemy that robs us of our purpose and glory. Think back throughout the years of your life – what opportunities, blessings, growth did you miss because you allowed fear to set up a colony in your heart?


Born sinners, our own deceitful, fleshly desires are just that – our own. The devil and his spiritual colonizers don’t “make us” do anything. The role and tactics of the spiritual colonizers are evident in the whispers of justifications and the rationalizations that your flesh is “justified to eat the fruit”. What did you HAVE to have that nearly devoured you?


This is a big one. As the root of unforgiveness, spiritual colonizers pay close attention and use painstaking energy to inhabit our offenses and try to keep the poison of bitterness flowing in our hearts. Why is this tactic or weapon so effective? The Word of God says in Hebrews 12:15 NASB, “See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble – and by it, many are defiled.”

How many generations of families have been destroyed by the unresolved hurt and offense of a few? How many graves are filled with untapped destiny – because a colony of bitterness established itself and devoured greatness?

The Impact of Your Treasure vs. Spiritual Colonizers

As many ponder what African countries, Native Americans would be without colonialism, where would YOU be had your life not been spiritually colonized by the enemy? What dangerous diseases did spiritual colonizers pass down in your bloodline?

Do you feel hope is lost because of what the spiritual colonizer stole? Do you want to restore your glory?

Good news. The marvelous richness of our treasure in the gospel of Jesus Christ is that even when it looks like we’ve lost – we are still winning! Why? Because as long as there is life in your body to ACTIVATE the treasure of this gospel, you have the power of God to reclaim your time and restore the years you may have lost (Joel 2:25).

The treasure is your light in darkness! The treasure has the power to reset the clock, coming from the Creator and Redeemer of Time. The treasure will make all things new – its light will help you SEE it! The treasure speaks of life and full recovery (1 Samuel 30:8):

You shall recover all, everything that was taken from you!

So, What’s the Play call?

Trust the Giver of our treasure. If we would just follow the plan and direction of God, He has already out-maneuvered every devilish spiritual colonizer and provided a way to escape every trap  (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Fix your eyes on the things that are not seen; use your spiritual eyes to see those things that will last forever (2 Corinthians 4:18). The last thing a spiritual colonizer wants you to do is to see the bigger picture past your light affliction. Don’t let one wrong move in a temporary situation destroy your purpose in Jesus Christ.

Be Shuri – “we’re too smart to fall for that trick.”

God be with you and keep you, Team!

Kim Brightness
As Publisher/EIC of Team Jesus Magazine, Kim Bright(ness) loves to provide uplifting and informative content on Kingdom living excellence. As an author, producer, and media buyer with over 25 years in marketing and advertising, you can always find Kim writing/editing, consulting, covering Christian events, or advocating for trauma-healing and inner beauty on her Live and Learn Show.


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