Racism and the Church: What’s the Play Call for Team Jesus?

Racism in the Church, by the Church Must Cease.

If there’s a place on God’s earth where the sin of racism and the stench of white superiority and oppression must not exist – it’s in the Church, the body of Christ.

Yet, there remains a divide in the Kingdom of God, of all places, where many white believers are apathetic at best to racism and injustice, or they hold discriminatory ideals close to heart with no interest in a heart transplant from God.

All while the Black community of believers grapples with loving neighbors who either are filled with racism, drunk with white privilege or simply remind them of the iniquity and evil of 400 years of slavery followed by systemic racism that still exists today.

How Should the Church Deal Righteously with Racism?

favoritismIt is written. There is a Word from the Lord on how His bride, the Church, should deal with racism – a scheme of division birthed from the father of lies‘ own heart.

Team Jesus Magazine publisher/EIC, Kim Bright, and TJM writer alum, Pastor Chet Bergeron, sat down – a black woman and a white man – to discuss the issue of racism and the church in a candid, transparent discussion on Bergeron’s podcast, The Mutterings from a Bald Guy: A Christian Family Perspective.

Take a listen to this episode and prayerfully allow God to search your heart for any thoughts or beliefs that are contrary to Him and His Word.

May the Kingdom of God find deliverance and peace that leads to greater unity, that we will finally be the answer to Jesus’ prayer, “Father, make them one.” John 17:21

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Chet Bergeron
Chet Bergeron
3 years ago

Amen. I am grateful and changed because of this conversation!