Philando Castile’s girlfriend, who live-streamed the St. Paul police killing during a routine traffic stop on Facebook, speaks to reporters after her release this morning.

Mr. Castile was shot and killed as he reached for his driver’s licence, as shared by Ms. Reynolds in the video.

Today’s aftermath follows the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot dead by police outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge on Tuesday. Hundreds of people have protested for two nights over Mr Sterling’s killing.

The deaths follow a long line of high-profile fatalities involving African-Americans at the hands of the police, igniting a national debate about the use of lethal force.

Team, remember that faith without works is dead. Jesus calls for us to be one.  As one body, we call followers of Christ of ALL RACES to pay attention, step up, and speak out about these atrocities.

Team Jesus in the U.S.: Make sure you’re registered to vote. Hold your mayoral candidates accountable for the police chiefs they appoint and police policies they support.

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