I Must Be Out of My Mind

Have you ever used this phrase?

Of course, we all have at one point in time. But, what if I told you that getting out of our minds is the exact thing we need to do in order to reach the place where God is calling us to be. After so many failed attempts of doing things the safe way, I understand now that walking by faith and taking Godly risks is the way to go.

Think about this for a second: How many times have you sat alone in your room contemplating whether to make a move towards a certain goal? How many times have you regret not making a move?

The reason why we all can relate is that we all experience fear and doubt. We sit still and overthink the idea of going for it. We manipulate ourselves into agreeing with the fear of inability. However, just as much as there is the idea of inability, there is the idea of ability. Let me show you.

If God be God, I Can

In Matthew 14:22, Jesus gives orders to the disciples to get into a ship and go to the other side while He dismisses the crowd. As the disciples followed His orders and began cruising to their destination, they encounter a storm. As they are battling the storm, Jesus comes toward the ship walking on water. When they see Him, they mistake Him for a ghost.

In order to find out whether it was really Jesus or not, Peter asks Him for the ability to walk on water, just like Him. Peter told Jesus, “Bid me come.” Jesus replied, “Come”.

Now, Peter has two choices to Jesus’ invitation to “come.” Either he stays on the ship in fear and continues to settle for his inability to defeat the storm, or he steps out of fear and onto the water with Jesus.

Without overthinking it, Peter steps out of the boat and begins to walk on water. Peter was only able to do the impossible because he refused to give in to fear and dared to step out of his comfort zone.

My question to you is this: Are you fighting something that exists only because you are giving it the attention it needs to remain in your presence? I believe that everything in your life changes once you decide to focus on the One walking on the water, instead of what is happening on the ship.

The amazing part of this story is that the other disciples had the same opportunity to step out of the boat, but they were distracted by the storm and stuck in fear. They had to continue to deal with the storm until Jesus spoke and commanded the storm to be still.

So, What’s The Play Call?

Take that step. Your “not enough” will turn into “more than enough” with Jesus.

Are you contemplating making a move? Have you been thinking about going to the next level or going for that position on your job? Have you been pondering how you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur?

Jesus is on the water and He is saying, “Come.”  Jesus is the key that unlocks the door to opportunities you’ve been looking for. So, leave the negative thoughts behind.

Step out of your mind, and evacuate the ship!

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