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Are We Living the Christmas Songs, or Just Rocking to the Beat?

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Cortne Smithhttp://www.relationshipservicestation.com/
Cortne Smith is the Founder of Relationship Service Station, providing full & self-service programs to promote whole and healthy relationships, with a signature program geared to equip the widow/widower to move from PAIN to PEACE. She uses her written and verbal voice to bring marriages back into God’s covenant.

Heaven and Nature Sing?

At the beginning of the holiday season, every radio station, every restaurant sound system has Christmas tunes playing. Plus, the church choir has begun singing about Sweet Bethlehem and Oh Holy Night. It’s a clear sign that Christmas is near!

As part of the congregation, we sing along with some of the familiar lyrics to Peace on Earth and Joy to the World. We sway, we dance, we enjoy the melodious sounds.

Once the music stops, however, have the lyrics transformed our hearts? Do our relationships reflect that we are change agents at home, bringing “peace on earth” and “joy to the world”?

Take a moment to stop and think. Have these Christmas songs simply become clichés, like many frequently used Christian sayings? Do our Christian marriages represent that Christmas is more than a day – it is a spirit of giving and love that exists within our households throughout the year?

What Would Jesus Do, Everyday?

During this season of Christmas, and always, we are to exhibit Christ-like behaviors within our relationships to bring about peace on earth.

The mark of being true ambassadors of Christ within our relationships is when we love, live, and act like Jesus.  Here are a few examples:

Be Prayerful

We must be confident in knowing that God is I AM, and whatever we ask according to His will He will do (1 John 5:14). Faith requires us to be patient and wait for our prayer requests to manifest. As we put our faith and trust in God, we must remember to resist the urge to become mini-gods, acting as if we are “God” in our lives and the lives of others.

Be Humble

As we acknowledge that God is the source of all resources, we show humility even in our giving. There is no need to compete to out-gift God and others in a prideful attempt to make our name great. Be humble in what you do for your spouse, and remember, you can never out give God!

Be Obedient

Align your actions with the instructions of the Holy Spirit to glorify God’s name, not to fulfill selfish wants and desires. Our ultimate goal is to always reflect the love of God (John 15:10). 

Be Charitable

Give from a place of love. Gift others with what you would like to receive. Be careful to always put thought and value behind your giving (Mark 12:30-31).

Be a Peacekeeper

Speak kind words. We can’t expect peace in our relationships when we have a sharp tongue. Be willing to control that little member in your mouth, and turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:9).


So, what’s the play call?

Before we sing another Christmas song, let’s make sure we’re living the lyrics and the Word of God to be a joyful sound unto the Lord in our relationships. There’s enough disharmony and noise in the world. We can all avoid being a clanking sound by being the peace and joy we want to see in the world.

It all starts at home. Be that song that brings harmony to your relationships.

And, as we emulate Christ to those closest to us, it will begin to change our communities, our states, our country, and the world.

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