FaithSocial Connects Believers to Enriching Resources and Uplifting Content

Team, have you ever been bashed or “trolled” for your faith on social media?

Traditional social media have a faith problem. Often, Christian content is actively filtered out. Biblical comments and posts get branded as intolerant — or worse. On FaithSocial, your faith will never be censored.


FaithSocial is safe.

No profanity or vulgarity. Plus, their prayer circles and discussion boards are moderated and troll-free.

FaithSocial is personalized.

Their platform is designed to meet you right where you are in your faith journey and continually adapts, based on your preferences, to create a highly personalized experience. FaithSocial delivers individualized content tailored to your unique views, interests, and faith.

FaithSocial is a community.

Connect with friends, family, colleagues, church members and faith leaders across the globe. Share what’s on your mind and heart. Find support in our Prayer Circle. Enjoy features like Bible Studies, Christian App Store, Missions, Charities, Trivia, Music, Videos, Podcasts, and more!

Check out FaithSocial today, teammates, and be sure to connect with us over on FaithSocial, we’ll see you there!

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