Denim Jacket: Guess (Personally customized) | Pants: H&M Joggers | Sneakers: Stan Smith Adidas

I Love Jesus

At the age of 19, I accepted the fact that people are going to judge me based on my appearance.

I was in my second year of college taking public transportation in New York City, so I was seen by hundreds of people on a daily basis. Some stared and smiled while others just stared, but I knew for better or for worse –  I was being judged. Instead of being troubled by this, I came up with an idea: l should help them judge correctly.

1 Samuel 16:7 says,  “For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” But, I realize that I am partially responsible for the outcome of their judgment because I am in control of my outward appearance. How I present myself has an effect on my appearance and therefore affects how I am judged.

I began to think, “Who am I?” How do I portray who I am through my appearance?

Christian Fashion Reflects My Heart

From my sneakers to even my backpack, I began to analyze every article that I decided to put on my body and what it represented. In this, I found what I wore to be lacking. I wanted everyone to know that I loved Jesus, so I decided I’m going to make that statement evident, “I love Jesus!”

After this decision, I went on a Jesus shopping spree. I bought shirts, pins, buttons anything with Jesus’ name on it, and I began to wear them.

I noticed far more people began to stare. Some would react with a smile or nod while others just turned away. I wondered why this drew so much more attention, and it took me a while to catch on. I eventually realized it was not very common to see someone my age with the name “Jesus” written across his shirt. At first, it bothered me and made me feel as if maybe this isn’t “cool”. Then I thought, “I don’t care. Jesus is the dopest thing that ever happened to me, so I’m going to make this cool.”

Wearing the name “JESUS” is a lot more than a fashion statement for me. It’s more of a LIFE statement, especially as I live the life Jesus would have me to live. I know I am judged every day by one person or another based on my appearance, and that’s why I choose to place LIFE in my appearance.



The Christian t-shirts you wear can show who you are and what you believe without saying anything at all. Fashion helps us share God’s love in a simple yet engaging way for ourselves as well as those around us.


 Do you ever use fashion to express your love for Jesus?
Share your style with us!

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