Lauren Daigle, Kirk Franklin, Natalie Grant, Tori Kelly and Newsboys Set...

Awards to be held live Tuesday, October 16, in Nashville, TN and will air exclusively on TBN on Sunday, October 21 The Gospel Music Association (GMA)...

Operation Finale: To Catch a Nazi

Operation Finale brings to life one of the most daring covert operations in modern history. Starring Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Schindler's List) and...




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promises of god

The Context of the Promises of God: What Does God Mean?

Today’s Scripture Lesson: Psalms 37, 38 Today, we continue our study in the Book of Psalms with the 37th and 38th Psalms. As always I hope you’ll take the time on your own to read...
hope for the hopeless

There’s Hope for the Hopeless in Jesus Christ

Today’s Scripture Lesson: Psalm 88 I want to give you fair warning, this Psalm is not an easy read. It is not a Psalm that will be a “go to” Psalm for an uplifting start...


submission in marriage

The Right of Way: A Wife’s Road to Submission in Marriage

Imagine a young, beautiful bride all dressed in white headed down the aisle, with her eyes locked in on her future husband. The attendees...
go scared

Go Scared: How Confidence Comes After Obedience

I went down the body slide at Carowinds amusement park. No inflatable tube to sit in. Just my body and the slide. And, my body...
fear and anxiety

An Invitation to Heal from Fear and Anxiety

Freedom from Familiar Foes is Here I lived a life full of fear and anxiety for years. I wasn’t fully aware or even willing to admit...
bloom where you're planted

Bloom Where You’re Planted, It’s Working for Your Growth

My dad sent me a picture the other day. It was a picture of these leaves sprouting out of the ground. This is not an...
self-pity and mental health

Self-Pity and Mental Health: The Dangers As Told By a Young Mom

“I never have time to….” “I’m the only one in the world who…” “I won’t ever get a chance to…” This is how I began my sentences...


mindful eating

Mindless vs. Mindful Eating: Does Eating Without Intention Affect Your Health?

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. --Paul, 1 Corinthians 10:31 A healthy lifestyle is comprised of several necessary parts, one of which is mindfulness. Meal plans...
intermittent fasting

3 Things You Should Know Before Giving Intermittent Fasting a Go

Is Intermittent Fasting (IF) for You? Intermittent fasting is the new diet trend capturing everyone’s attention with claims that it will help you lose weight, regulate hormones, improve your body composition (lean body mass),...




5 Tips for Smoother Sailing in Your Marriage

Marriage Takes Us Away I so enjoy cruises.  See, once you've made the decision to climb aboard a cruise ship, there is nothing left to...

Too Much Jesus? 7 Ways Hyper-Spirituality Hijacks Happy Marriages

The Sanctuary of Marriage I remember a funny moment when we were a young married couple moving into our very first home over 24 years...

Relationship Yardwork: 3 Simple Ways to Prepare for the Rain

A Little Rain Must Fall Recently, I had a few days of downtime, no clients or looming deadlines, and I wanted to be productive around...

When Love Grows Cold, Is Your Marriage Covered?

Here in Georgia, we often experience 3 seasons within one day. You can wake to a comfortable spring morning then transition into the summer heat....


shack up

The Marriage Play House: We Fall Down When We Shack Up

We fall down, when we shack up We fall down, when we shack up We fall down, when we shack up Oh yeah Cause a saint is just...
christian single

The #1 Key to Abundant Life as a Christian Single

As a Christian single, what does abundant life mean to you? Is it the music video with fur coats, cars, and mansions? Is it...

Overcoming the Impact of Divorce

Divorce Happened, Now What? In my last article, I talked about the things I wish I knew before I married and divorced. I spoke mainly...
things i wish i knew before

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married and Divorced

Things I Wish I Knew One of the most crucial parts of being in a relationship is dealing with yourself. Many of us are seeking relationships...


faithful over little

Faithful Over Little: 3 Things That Keep Us From Ruling Much

Go BIG for Jesus? Have you noticed the present-day ambitions of the body of Christ? The...
love covers a multitude of sins

Holding Water: Our Role as Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

I've Got a Testimony (About You) When presented with the opportunity to tell your "testimony" or...
false prophecy

Self-Fulfilling False Prophecy: 5 Ways to Stop Creating What’s Not There

Fill in the blank below: I love _______. How many will place "you" in that blank? How...

3 Ways to Control Your Need for Control

Control. It’s like a drug for some of us. A reachable high that never fails to...
Spiritual Espionage

Spiritual Espionage: How to Tell if You’re an Asset of the Almighty or the Accuser

Whose Side Are You Leaning On? Back in the day, when this question was asked in...